How to Delete Your BangBet Account

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Betting on BangBet is beyond all praises. It offers many useful features necessary for a quality betting experience and a long list of sports. Moreover, all convenient payment methods and applications are at your service. However, what do you do if you decide to stop using the BandBet betting platform?

We can provide you with the answer. Read our article and learn more about how to remove your BandBet profile. So, we will share our thorough instructions with you and tell you more about the process and its possible inconveniences.

Brief Information About Registration on BangBet

Brief Information About Registration on BangBet

BangBet is the trademark of Infinity Mobile Gaming and Entertainment Ltd. It has a necessary active betting license and allows its users to use various markets to leave a sports prediction or play casino games available for Nigerian punters.

Punters who wish to join BangBet should pass the registration process. It takes about a minute or so. If you would like to know more about it, check out our special review about how to register for BangBet.

Preparations for BangBet Account Removal

So, how do I delete your BangBet profile? When you are ready to get rid of your BangBet account, see if you do your homework. We mean that before you launch the procedure, you should check a couple of things. Everything you do with your account can take time, so make your decisions wisely.

Vital Aspects Before Removing Your Account

So, before you begin, check if your balance is 0. If you have any money or bonuses left, you should first consider how you can withdraw all that. See the wagering requirement for your bonus funds, and decide whether it is worth placing a couple of bets to withdraw your winnings or simply not leaving your money on the balance. If you find it difficult to make up your mind, there is always an opportunity to contact support. 

Saving of Significant Information Before the Removal

Another vital moment you should pay attention to is saving the information about the profile you are going to close. For instance, your transaction history and account ID.

Detailed Guide on BangBet Account Removal

BangBet Detailed Guide on BangBet Account Removal

Now, in this part of our article, we will provide you with actual instructions on how to remove your profile. Follow our guide, and the process will be more clear and take about a minute or so.

Log into Your Account and Visit Settings

Use your login and password to enter your profile. Once you are in, the next move is to visit the settings.

Observe the options offered in this section. Find the one that says “Delete Account”.

Confirm the Removal

Click on the option to confirm the removal of your account. It will take a second, and the process is accomplished.

What Happens After Account Removal

One of the main questions users ask is what happens after I remove my account. Basically, there can be some interesting turn of events. For instance, after some time, you might wish to restore your account and bet on the BangBet again. It is, however, not the only issue that can occur. Keep reading to know more.

Possible Consequences of Account Deletion

If you decide to stop using your BangBet account, it is crucial to delete it. If you leave it without your supervision, some fraudsters might steal or break it. So, it is definitely the right choice to get rid of it.

Restoration of Account

First of all, even though the reasons for the removal are unclear, you still might renew the use of your betting account someday. Therefore, that is why it was vital to save some data, like your ID. It will make the restoration process easier.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Account Deletion Process

Let’s consider the possible benefits and downsides of account removal. This small analysis will help you to understand whether it is worth doing it or not. Observe the results in the table below:

  • no fraud danger
  • easy removal process
  • can be restored via support.
  • cannot start wagering if you need it right here and now
  • no access to bonuses and better conditions.

Disclaimer: The deletion of your profile can take up to 30 days because you must receive a confirmation from the platform that your request was approved. However, the process itself is easy and takes about a minute to launch it.


Conclusion BangBet

BangBet is a wonderful platform to place your stakes on any sport you like. It contains all the popular tournaments and matches. Besides, it is easy to manage your account. If you think it is necessary to delete your account and you do not plan to use it, it is the right move. The process of deletion is intuitive and simple. You do not need to wait long until the deletion will be confirmed and fulfilled. If you decide to renew it, it is possible to do it via support.


Can I reactivate my deleted Bangbet profile?

Punters who deleted their accounts and wish to reactivate them can write to support. After that, you would need to wait for the answer and provide the required data.

What happens to my personal information after deletion?

It will be stored on the bookie’s server anyway.

Are there any consequences to deleting my account?

Basically, no consequences can happen. You can easily delete your profile and be cool about it.

How long does It take for my account to be deleted?

The process is fast. What takes long enough is the confirmation from support that your profile was removed.

Can I create a new account after deletion?

Sure, you can open a new profile or renew a previous one. Support can help you do that.
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