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Pros and Cons 

Even though the Frapapa application is considered one of the most interesting and convenient platforms on the local market, that doesn’t mean that the website doesn’t have any disadvantages. Every sports betting website has its pros and cons that we recommend taking into consideration before proceeding with the registration procedure. 

Maybe this betting website will not suit your personal preferences; who knows? Let’s take a look at the chart made by our experts.

  • A great number of betting features
  • Mobile app available for both Android and iOS users
  • Casino games and virtual sports
  • Reachable support team
  • Wide array of promotional offers
  • Too strict rules for withdrawing welcome bonuses
  • No live streaming option

Many innovations have emerged since technology took over the world. Even the sports industry and its various branches, like betting, were influenced by these innovations. With the arrival of the Internet and other technological advancements, sports betting has been totally transformed. It has become an online entertainment option available to nearly everyone with a computer or mobile device.

Obviously, Nigeria also took part in this revolution, and numerous sports betting companies began to emerge in the local market. Among them is one of the most popular locally established platforms, Frapapa. 

This betting website is known for providing great sports betting services, cool casino games, and lots of promotional offers. Local punters adore it, and today we will find out why. Let’s take a look at the platform’s main features together! 

Main Characteristics

Frapapa Main Characteristics

Frapapa is a company owned by Soloti Gaming Limited in Nigeria. It is a leading organization in the local sports betting market that is widely known for being trustworthy, providing excellent sports wagering services, and offering its members a large number of promotions and bonuses. 

Bettors highly appreciate the company’s sports collection and the different betting options available. Besides, members may benefit from all the platform’s great features via their mobile devices, which is indeed a huge advantage. 

We suggest taking a look at Frapapa’s main features in detail to better familiarize yourself with them! 

30 different sports to bet onLarge number of promotional offers
Various betting options Multiple payment options
Mobile Frapapa app for Android and iOS usersTwo welcome bonuses
Great interface and designCash out option
Casino games Virtual sports betting

Mobile App Features

Frapapa Mobile App Features

As stated previously, the Frapapa company managed to develop a very convenient mobile application for its users. Even though most old-school bettors prefer betting via the desktop version of the sportsbook, the mobile application has undoubtedly revolutionized the process of betting on the platform.

This software allows bettors to profit from the same features as usual but on the go, for example, and doesn’t oblige them to sit still in front of their computers.

The company’s mobile app is available on both iOS and Android gadgets and may be easily downloaded for free via the bookmaker’s website. 

Don’t try to obtain it from external sources; you risk downloading fraudulent software that may corrupt your mobile device.

Is Frapapa Legit and Safe?

Is Frapapa Legit and Safe?

Since the sports betting industry is unfortunately widely considered illegal, it is totally normal for bettors to question themselves about whether the platform they are joining is providing safe and legal services or not. 

Lots of people still don’t know this, but basically, almost every sports betting platform on the Nigerian market is totally safe and approved by the government, including Frapapa.

The platform is regulated and has been licensed by the Nigerian Lottery Regulatory Commission, which means that the company has been legally approved and has the official right to operate in Nigeria. 

Always verify the bookie’s license when registering on a platform!


Frapapa Registration

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the platform and the main information regarding it, we may proceed to the registration process. 

Suppose you wish to take part in sports betting or casino activities on the Frapapa website. In that case, you’ll definitely have to join the platform by creating your personal account and validating it. 

This process is really rapid and will only require a bit of your personal information and a few minutes of your time. 

You may register on Frapapa by simply navigating to the website or by opening the app and then clicking on the “REGISTER” button. The website will guide you through the procedure and give you the necessary steps to follow.


Frapapa Bonuses

Every bettor knows that there is nothing as great as a sportsbook with a large collection of promotional offers and bonuses. Gladly, the Frapapa company managed to integrate into its platform a wide variety of promotions that will surely catch the attention of bettors.

Most promotions available on the website are really profitable; some are even entertaining since they involve participation in various money games.  

And speaking of profitable bonuses, the organization has not one but two different welcome offers for its new customers; you may obtain a welcome Frapapa bonus for your sports betting activity as well as for your casino activity, which is, without a doubt, a very appealing offer.

We suggest taking a look at the most popular promotional offers accessible on the website at the moment. 


Accepted Currencies

Frapapa Accepted Currencies

Since the Frapapa sports betting platform is a locally established website, its main currency is the Nigerian Naira (NGN). Unfortunately, the company didn’t manage to integrate the possibility of making money transactions in other currencies for the moment, which is obviously kind of disappointing.

This situation is totally understandable since most bettors accessing the website are Nigerian citizens; however, we still hope that the company will integrate new currencies soon so that members may have stronger possibilities. 


Frapapa Deposit

After registering on the platform, you will probably wish to start your betting activity on the website directly. But in order to begin placing bets on the platform, you will need to invest funds in your account first. Without replenishing your balance, you will not be able to participate in any kind of activity on the website, including sports betting or casino games, since the money you invest is the money you use to place your bets.

The deposit process on the platform is actually quite rapid, especially since there are numerous payment options available. We guarantee that you will not spend more than a few minutes on this. 

However, we suggest you be careful when deciding how much you wish to deposit and take a look at the welcome bonus terms and conditions. You will probably not want to miss out on an opportunity like that! If you wish to take advantage of this offer, you will need to invest at least NGN 100. 

To do so, simply tap on “DEPOSIT” at the top of the page after entering your personal account.

Payment Options

As stated previously, the Frapapa sports betting platform has a decent number of available payment methods. Most of them are really popular among Nigerian bettors and are considered totally safe and trustworthy. You may use these payment options in order to replenish your balance or take out the funds you earned on the platform. Here they are!

  • OPay
  • GTBank
  • Paystack
  • Interswitch

Welcome Bonus

We already took a glance at the company’s most popular promotional offer, the “Welcome Bonus,” but let’s take a more detailed look at it. 

Since the company has two welcome bonuses available for different categories on the website, we suggest taking a quick look at both of them and reviewing their main characteristics. 

  • 100% WELCOME BONUS: This offer mainly focuses on sports betting activities. To obtain this gift, you must register on the website and deposit at least 100 NGN to get 100% of your deposit up to NGN 50,000 as a bonus. To be able to withdraw it, you will need to wager at least five times on the platform with odds of at least 1.50 in a bet with five selections.
  • 600% CASINO BONUS: As you may have already guessed, this welcome bonus focuses mainly on casino games. To obtain it, simply deposit your first funds on the website and profit from the casino games available. Then you will be able to benefit from an exclusive gift and earn up to NGN 50,000.

Minimum Deposit

Obviously, some precise limits were integrated in order to control the money transactions on the website and prevent fraudulent activity. These limits mainly concern transactions such as deposits and withdrawals. 

If you are ready to invest your first funds into your personal balance, then you will have to deposit the minimum amount of NGN 100. Otherwise, the transaction will simply not be finalized. 

Deposit Code

USSD codes are codes that permit mobile banking procedures. They can be used for any kind of money transfer online, including transfers to betting services.

If you wish to invest your funds using a special USSD code, then it is totally possible, depending on the payment option you are using. 

To do so, simply proceed with the classic deposit procedure to obtain the USSD code for your mobile bank, then tap the combination on your telephone and follow the instructions.

USSD codes are considered a safe way to transfer money using only your mobile phone rapidly.

How to Bet

Frapapa How to Bet

After correctly registering on the platform and finally making your first deposit, you are now ready to begin your betting journey on the Frapapa platform. 

There are different ways to begin betting on the platform; if you are already an experienced bettor, then you definitely already have some personal preferences and strategies. You may begin your betting experience however you like, but we would still like to give you some quick guidance on the simplest and quickest way to start betting on the platform. 

To begin your betting activity, all you have to do is pick a sport you would like to bet on, make your selections in terms of betting options and markets, enter the amount you would like to place, and suggest your bet slip. That’s as simple as that!

Betting Markets

Speaking of betting markets, we thought that it would be very useful and interesting for our readers to familiarize themselves with them better. If you don’t know what betting markets are, they are basically tools that will permit you to upgrade your betting experience and increase your chances of winning your bet. They affect the odds and may help you correctly predict the outcome of a match. Let’s take a look at the most popular markets available on the website.

Double Chance

The “Double Chance” betting market is very popular among Nigerian bettors since it permits them to minimize the risks when placing a bet. It is widely used by bettors who tend to hesitate or can’t make up their minds and is considered one of the safest betting markets available in the whole sports betting industry. 

This type of market will allow you to bet on two different teams, including the home team to win the match or draw, the away team to win the match or draw, or the home or away team to win, which surely offers you many opportunities.


The 1X2 betting market is widely used among beginners since it is really easy to understand and may be used while betting on popular sports like football or basketball. It is highly appreciated when betting on sports where there is the possibility of a draw since, using 1X2, you may bet on three different outcomes. The strategy is basically placing bets on either a home win, which is betting on the “1,” a draw, which is betting on the “X,” or an away win, which is betting on the “2”.

Bet Types

Besides providing its members with a great array of betting markets, the Frapapa company also offers its customers different types of bets that may be used to diversify their classic betting experience. Bet types will basically allow you to juggle with different odds, combinations, and outcomes to make your experience more enjoyable and profitable. Here are the main bet types used by bettors on Frapapa.

Single Bet

This is a huge favorite among beginners. It’s probably the simplest type of bet out there! 

Betting with a single bet basically means betting on a single outcome of an event. You will be able to make only one selection and bet only on one outcome, and you will either win or lose. There is nothing special about it, which is why it is highly appreciated by newbies.


The “Accumulator” type of bet is a bet consisting of four or more selections; you may even make up to 20 selections, which is a great way to make a bigger win out of your selection. This bet type is the absolute opposite of the single type and is mainly used by bettors who already have a minimum of experience in the sports betting field.  

Football Betting

Football is a very popular sport, especially when it comes to online betting. 

Since Nigerian bettors are really keen on football, most betting platforms try to integrate as many football betting options and events into their platforms as possible. Obviously, Frapapa didn’t stay aside and managed to add great football betting features to its website, including a multitude of huge events and teams to bet on that is incredibly appreciated by sports enthusiasts all over the world. Here they are! 

Premier League

The Premier League is, without a doubt, one of the most highly appreciated and recognized football leagues in the world. It was established in 1992 and is considered the most professional ​​English football league at the moment. 

Premier League betting is known among bettors as a rapid and easy way to make profitable bets because it offers lots of interesting betting opportunities, including high odds and lots of beneficial promotions.

La Liga

La Liga is known to be one of the most known professional sports leagues all over the world, being an international organization. This organization is Spanish and was created in 1929. Compared to the Premier League, La Liga is not considered so “prestigious” but rather “professional” and has proven its success over the years. At the moment, the league has incredibly popular players like Benzema or Messi, whose names are without a doubt highly appreciated in the football world.

If you are a fan of Real Madrid or Barcelona, then betting on La Liga is definitely for you.

Frapapa Prediction Tips

Frapapa Prediction Tips

Now that you have all the necessary knowledge to start betting on the Frapapa website, we would like to introduce you to some of our personal tips from our sports betting experts. This short guide will help you make a bigger profit from your experience and will permit you to avoid making foolish mistakes while starting off on the platform. 

Being a great bettor requires some specific knowledge and skills, which is why we highly recommend you take a look at the following recommendations. 

Don’t rushOne of the worst things you can do when beginning your experience on the website is to rush and not take the time to make your decisions. Betting requires a lot of time, concentration, attentiveness, and carefulness if you wish to make correct predictions and win your bets. Feeling passionate about what you’re doing is totally normal, but don’t let your feelings overwhelm you, and always take some time to think before placing your bet. 
Manage your budgetTake care of your budget and your investments. Money games may be tricky, which is why lots of incompetent bettors get absorbed by this entertainment. Establish a precise budget for your sports betting activity and try to stick to it as best you can. Constantly putting your budget in jeopardy will not guarantee you more winnings or a successful betting career; it will simply limit your possibilities. Make only wise moves! 
Get in touch One of the best things to do when starting your betting journey is to reach out to other professionals in this field and get in touch with them via the various channels available online. Most experts have personal blogs and are regularly visiting forums where you can easily find them, share your personal strategies, or simply discuss sports betting and obtain useful information. Sports betting professionals are often sharing their personal predictions online, which you may take advantage of as well.  
Learn And finally, the most important advice we can give is to learn as much as you can. Inform yourself of the sports you prefer betting on, the teams, and the players. The sports industry is very dynamic; we suggest regularly checking the news and doing research about previous matches, events, and details like players’ injuries. All these things are known to affect the performance of the players and the potential outcome of their matches. Knowledge is the key!

How to Withdraw 

Frapapa How to Withdraw 

After successfully spending some time on the platform and earning a certain amount of cash, you will probably want to take it out and transfer it to your personal wallet. 

Withdrawing your funds will not require much knowledge of the platform. It is as easy as depositing money into your balance. However, we suggest you take a look at the short guide we developed for you.

  1. Enter your personal account.
  2. Locate and tap on the icon with your balance.
  3. Click on “Withdrawals.”
  4. Pick the payment method that suits you the best.
  5. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
  6. Press “WITHDRAWAL.”
  7. Done!

Remember that the minimum you can take out is NGN 500.

Payment options

The payment options available for withdrawal are basically the same as for the deposit procedure. It’s as simple as that! Gladly, there are a decent number of them, which will permit you to choose the method that suits you the best. Here they are.

  • OPay
  • GTBank
  • Paystack
  • Interswitch

Frapapa Casino Games Review

Frapapa Casino Games Review

Besides offering its members excellent sports betting services, Frapapa also provides its users with a large array of casino games and slot machines. You will be able to diversify your traditional betting experience by profiting from colorful and entertaining games at any time of the day. Isn’t that amazing?

The company has developed lots of different games that will please both old-school players and the younger generation. You will be able to play some classics like roulette or baccarat and, at the same time, profit from modern and flashy slot machines. We suggest taking a look at the most popular games available on the platform.


Age of Davinci is a traditional 5×3 slot machine. To use it, you will need a minimum of 20 coins, and then you’ll get the chance to obtain three or more symbols to activate the random multiplier, and magnum opus features that will permit you to win up to 1,000x your total bet. 

This slot machine is considered innovative and modern; it is well-designed, looks like a really intriguing game, and will, without a doubt, suit those members that enjoy being transported to different worlds and universes! 


If you enjoy cute games and cats, then this slot machine is definitely for you. Kitty Cafe is a 5×6 slot with free wins, re-spins, and a random spawn feature. The game is basically played on six reels and five rows, with the possibility of gaining free spins and two bonus features. 

All the symbols are represented by cute little cats, candies, coffee, and other treats. 

If you find three free spin cake symbols, you may profit from between nine and twelve free spins.


Roulette Crystal is probably one of the most-played casino games on the platform since it is a classic among casino enthusiasts. It is basically a traditional European roulette wheel that is divided into 37 slots. It looks just like real roulette, is well-designed, and will, without a doubt, suit those bettors who enjoy a more classy and traditional virtual casino experience.

Sports Library

Frapapa Sports Library

Now that we’ve analyzed most of the website’s main functions, we suggest taking a look at the company’s sports collection. Its sports selection obviously cannot compete with that of larger sports betting platforms, but it is still very diverse and interesting. On the Frapapa platform, you will be able to find popular sports that are usually very appreciated by online bettors. Still, you will also have the possibility to bet on less renowned sports, which is surely very interesting. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the most interesting sports on the website. 

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Ski jumping
  • Golf
  • MMA
  • Volleyball

Available Countries

Frapapa Available Countries

Since Frapapa is a locally established website that mainly operates in Nigeria and accepts only the Nigerian Naira, it is safe to say that the company doesn’t actively provide its services in other countries.

It may be accessed from other African countries, but members will struggle with investing their funds since the company accepts only one currency, which is the Naira. 

Hopefully, the organization will start expanding soon and will be accessible to other nations so that bettors from other countries may also profit from the bookie’s great features.

Support Team

Frapapa Support Team

If you have any questions or problems with the Frappa platform, your personal account, or money transfers, you will always be able to contact the company’s support team.

The Frapapa customer care service is available at all times and is always ready to answer any kind of question and deal with any of your inquiries. You may reach out to the organization’s staff via these two main channels.

support@frapapa.com Live Chat
Cash out
Live streaming
book logo 50,000 NGN No No get bonus
book logo Up to 170% Yes Yes get bonus
book logo Free Bet No No get bonus
book logo Up to 100,000 NGN YES YES get bonus


Conclusion Frapapa

To conclude, we may surely affirm that the Frapapa betting website is, without a doubt, a very interesting sports betting platform without a great number of features and options. Besides being a classic sports betting website, it also provides a large variety of casino games, including slot machines. 

We were impressed while exploring the platform’s features, especially when we got to the bonus section. The collection of promotional offers available on the website is very large and will surely suit any kind of bettor. Also, we were pleasantly surprised by the fact that Frapapa also has a very convenient mobile application available for both iOS and Android users, which facilitates navigation on the platform and permits betting on the go.

In this article, we gathered most of the information regarding Frapapa, but if you still have some questions, feel free to check the FAQ below.


What is the minimum deposit for Frapapa?

It is NGN 100. If you wish to learn more about this subject, feel free to check out this article about how to deposit on Frapapa.

How much can you withdraw from Frapapa?

The maximum amount you can withdraw is NGN 500,000 per day. You may learn about how to withdraw from Frapapa by checking out our article on this subject.

How does Frapapa work?

It works exactly the same way as other online betting sites. You invest your money, place bets, and profit!

Who owns Frapapa bet?

The Frapapa owner is Soloti Gaming Limited.

How do I verify my Frapapa account?

By providing the verification code sent by the platform.

How do I use my free bet on Frapapa?

Simply register on the platform, make your first deposit, and enjoy!
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