Learn How to Bet Code on BetWinner in Nigeria

How to Bet on BetWinner

African bookmakers, in comparison to international platforms, still have a gap. For instance, BetWinner is one of the betting companies that is famous worldwide and operates in different countries. Its Nigerian platform has absolutely no differences from other options of the same betting company in other countries. Therefore it can boast numerous sporting events, multiple markets, and reasonable odds. Some local Nigerian-based bookmakers cannot be compared to it because they have less everything. So, to melt your doubts, in the article, you will learn how you can bet on the platform without any trouble.

Short Review of BetWinner

Short Review of BetWinner

Before we proceed to wagering on sporting events, it is important to mention some vital facts about the company. First of all, it is fully licensed and applies all the latest technologies to protect the information of its registered users. Also, punters can try numerous casino games from quality providers to diversify their betting. If you wish to learn more engaging facts about the bookmaker and receive a full review of its pros and cons, read our sufficient BetWinner review.

Types of Bets

BetWinner Types of Bets

Each bookmaker provides its users with different bet types. Single is the most common and basic of all of them. Other more profound and complicated types are suitable for more experienced bettors. We need to mention that the bookmaker has at least 11 types, and you can check their full descriptions on the official website of the bookmaker. In this part of the article, we will explain the top frequently used by punters. You can observe all the variety of choices BetWinner offers.

Single Stake 

What is a single bet? It is a stake that includes one selection on one gaming outcome. Newbies generally prefer to place such a bet because it involves minimum calculations. However, remembering that the odds for a single bet are not very high is worth remembering.


A multibet is another type of stake that can include multiple selections on many games and different outcomes. Professional gamers like to place them because it increases the odds rate. If you make several accumulators and singles with at least three selections, you will build a multibet. The trick here is as with accumulators. If any of your selections loses, the whole bet fails.

Accumulator Bet

What is an accumulator stake? It is a complicated prediction on one or several games that consist of multiple selections on various outcomes. As a rule, they include three or more singles. The profit can be calculated by multiplying the bet amount by the odds for each prediction.  

System Bet 

A system type of stake also includes several accumulators, each of them containing an equal number of selections placed on a predefined number of outcomes. The total number of accu bets can reach up to 184756. BetWinner provides a huge table on the website where you can observe all the possible combinations with a limited number of 20 outcomes.

How to Bet on Sport

BetWinner How to Bet on Sport

The BetWinner betting process does not differ from wagering on any other platform. The key aspect here is the number of bet types, available markets, and sports, which can be called “betting tools.” And BetWinner is one of the top bookmakers that provides a really wide choice of these tools for a pleasant and dynamic wagering experience. In the following part of the article, we will provide extensive instructions on placing bets on the website and via your mobile phone.

Placing Bet via Website

One of the standard ways to make a stake is to open your laptop and visit the BetWinner platform. Some punters with access to the Internet from their laptops and computers prefer this option. Read the full guide further in the text if betting from the bookie’s website is your choice.

  1. Go to the BetWinner platform. Click on the “Log In” button. Indicate your data to authorize, then start making selections.
  2. Choose a sport type and a game. Observe the markets and odds provided by the bookmaker. Pick the outcome and click on the odds to add your choice to the betting slip.
  3. Recheck the predictions on your ticket and indicate the sum of your bet. Confirm your selections by clicking on the button below your bet slip. Wait for the game to be over, and check the results to see if your predictions were successful.

Placing Bet via Phone

The one thing you never leave home is your phone. Punters who carry it everywhere prefer to use it for all daily operations, including betting. BetWinner has a dynamic application and a mobile casino available in any browser, so punters can choose which option is more convenient. Here are instructions that can be handy to you when you play via your device.

  1. Locate the betting app, open your mobile browser, and navigate to the BetWinner portal. Use your data to log into your profile and start selecting your games.
  2. Choose the sport by tapping on it, then pick a game. See the odds and markets the bookie proposes and make your selections. Add them to your bet slip.
  3. Observe the stakes, and if everything is correct, indicate the amount. Confirm your bets by clicking on the button that says “Place a bet” and wait for the game to finish to check the results.

Available Sports for Betting

BetWinner Available Sports for Betting

BetWinner has 20+ sports and various sections, including Marble, eSports, and others. Punters can find here the most popular types, such as soccer, and less betted ones, like Padel or Trotting. All the entertainment is available from a standard website and from the mobile app. Nigerian players are not limited to choices and can choose whatever is on the BetWinner’s platform. Here are the top popular sports that might interest our readers:

  • Soccer
  • Ice hockey
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Table tennis
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • eSports
  • Horse racing
  • Handball, etc.

Sports Betting Recommendations

BetWinner Sports Betting Recommendations

To become a successful bettor, you need to have some experience. When you are a newbie, it may seem hard to understand the mechanism of betting. Therefore, we are going to explain all the tricks our expert editorial team possesses and gladly share them with our readers. Observe the options very attentively; understanding these terms and their definitions will bring more clarity and joy to the wagering process.

Favorites and Underdogs: What Do You Know About Them?

Before you place a bet, evaluating the winning opportunities for each match participant is significant. When you see that your favorite team is much stronger than its opponent, you can bet with a 1×2 market and place a stake in the winner, or choose a Double Chance market and bet on the winner and a draw if the powers are almost equal.

An underdog is the less fortunate and weaker team that gained this title based on several previous matches. And it is more profitable to bet on it with some particular markets, such as handicap.

What Is a Spread?

Another vital term you need to understand is “Spread.” It is a line of odds stated for a particular match and its outcomes. For instance, there can be 1×2 with odds starting from 2.5 to 3.5. This line of odds is called a spread. You can especially notice it when betting with a handicap. This market allows punters to add from 1.5 to 2.5 goals to a weaker team so both participants will have equal chances to win.

Know What a Payline Is

The payline stands for the number of outcomes a bookmaker offers for one game. Punters can select one match and place several predictions for various game results. It is vital to note that the odds can defer from one market to another, from the lowest to the highest values.

Evaluating the Odds

When you start wagering on the platform, observe the odds it proposes for 1×2 and double chance markets and compare them with other bookmakers’ offers. If everything is okay here, you have an opportunity to increase the odds by placing more complex bets. 

Basic Newbies Mistakes

If you are new to the betting industry, there is no way you can succeed without proper knowledge. Therefore never wager with big sums and follow these rules to avoid mistakes:

  1. Read sports reports and analytics. Focus on the sport you like or even a team and follow what experts and reputable online sources have to say about it, its performance, and which prognosis they make for the upcoming games. Some bookmakers offer live statistics for their punters so they can get all the needed information in one place.
  2. Never bet when you are impulsive. When emotions are involved, everything may become more risky. You should always keep your head cool and, at all costs, calculate every move before you confirm the bet.
  3. Limit your gaming time and budget. One of the huge mistakes of newbies is getting loose on their spending, and when they start a session, it is difficult to stop for the majority of punters because they bet with small sums and forget to look at the bigger picture. All your money can be lost at once. Therefore, you better set a budget and time for betting before you begin.

How to Make a Successful Bet on BetWinner

How to Make a Successful Bet on BetWinner

Punters with more profound experience know some tricks that help them make better stakes and lose less money. Here are the principles they follow:

  1. Claim as many bonuses as you can. This option helps to save money and obtain more opportunities to place stakes. Therefore, you will get diverse wagering on multiple sports if the offer states no otherwise.
  2. Place bets in live mode. This regime is more popular among professionals because it provides more data about the current game, which leads to enhanced and accurate predictions.
  3. Learn how to build a better accumulator. Single bets cannot bring you big rewards because their odds are relatively low. When you place an accumulator consisting of multiple selections, the odds can significantly grow.


BetWinner Conclusion

Now we will draw a line to the topic and sum up all the facts our editorial team managed to retrieve about BetWinner. First of all, the bookmaker offers a huge diversity of possible betting combinations due to the variety of bet types and markets. Secondly, punters from Nigeria are not limited in sports options which are over 20 types. Betting is available on PCs, laptops, and portable devices like tablets and phones. We recommend this platform for wagering because it is legit and offers a truly unique and positive betting experience.

How do I use my bet booking code?

You need to copy the combination of letters and numbers and indicate it on your bet slip in the corresponding field. After you activate it, you will see a prediction you created earlier. Confirm them and wait for the results.

What is a bet booking code?

A booking code is a number of symbols containing your earlier bet that was not yet confirmed. The bookmaker allows its registered users to compose predictions, add them to a bet slip, and create a booking code that you can copy and paste to the required field when it is time to confirm your selections.

How do you bet with codes?

You need to indicate them when you are ready to confirm your selections. You can create a code any time you wish and confirm your bet when the game starts or even later while it is still on.

How can I bet using SMS?

The bookmaker states nothing on its website about the opportunity to place bets via SMS.

How do I load a slip code on a bet?

So here is how to load the bet code on BetWinner: open your bet slip and find a box where you can indicate the code combination and activate it.
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