Obi Hussaini

Obi Hussaini

Dear fellas, let me introduce myself. I am Obi Hussaini, a betting fan and expert. I used to be a football player in high school and then worked as a sports manager. During that time, I really loved placing bets on major events, and for over four years, I got to know many secrets of successful wagering. Sharing my knowledge is quite a treat for me, so I enjoy helping newcomers learn more about strategies and tips for making great predictions.

Date of birth 13.04.1989
Gender Male
Competencies Betting Expert

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Founders of the Best Bookmakers in Nigeria

The National Lottery Act of 2005 declared gambling to be legal in Nigeria. Now, Nigeria's entertainment sector of the economy is primarily based on the betting industry due to the country's expanding number of betting enterprises. Some of the elements for the enormous expansion of the betting sector in Nigeria include the legalization of betting operations, greater internet availability and usage, and youth unemployment. Nigerians may now bet on their preferred sporting events from the comfort of their homes, thanks to the availability of...
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Publication — Mar 27, 2024Changed — May 24, 2024

How to Play Nairabet

The much-celebrated sportsbook caters to everyone: punters who traditionally play at betting shops and those who mainly interact with the outside world through the Internet. This post is a guidebook for the latter, explaining how to play Nairabet and win online.  The Nairabet Company in Short Started in 2009 by Akin Alabi, an eminent political and entrepreneurial figure in the region, the business was destined for success. Nigerians’ passion for sports and zest for gambling have done the trick. The betting platform is now one...
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Publication — Mar 24, 2024Changed — May 24, 2024

Nairabet Registration

Nairabet is the pioneer of sports betting in Nigeria. The company has provided top-notch offline and online gambling services to local punters for about 15 years. If you’re still not the bookie’s customer, it’s time to fix that and learn how to register on Nairabet. A Basic Overview of Nairabet in Nigeria Inspired by global best practices, Nairabet has created a thriving national gambling ecosystem. It consists of a network of outlets and a digital platform where users can bet on a wealth of sporting events, virtual games, and...
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BangBet: Coins and Gifts

As more bettors get invested in the complex gambling world, the need for a trustworthy platform with all the necessary services significantly rises. With that, each company develops new creative ways to obtain customer loyalty.   Overview  BangBet is a wagering company that provides a wide range of casino games, promos, and betting services for different sports. Its users can enjoy the controlled variety of stakes, regular updates, accessibility, and easy-to-use interface.  Bangbet’s bonuses in the form of...
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How to Bet on BangBet

Gamblers in Nigeria can fully benefit from exploring the features of a well-developed and secure betting platform. Discover the multiple ways through which your gambling experience can be optimized in this article. BangBet Overview  BangBet is a wagering company that offers betting services for various sports, as well as a rich selection of casino games and promotions. Its users can appreciate the straightforward interface, accessibility, regular updates, and regulated assortment of stakes. Check out our BangBet Nigeria...
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Customer Care on 1xBet in Nigeria

Being widely recognized among the people, 1xBet is acknowledged as one of the leading betting sites in Nigeria. With a vast audience and a customer-oriented approach towards its users, the company has developed a highly effective support service. In this review, you will find a detailed description of all the available customer support options. Would you like to learn more about 1xBet? Certainly! Just open and explore our exhaustive review of this bookmaker. Сustomer Support Options on Nigerian 1xBet Sometimes, punters have...
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