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  • Max deposit - 50,000,000 NGN
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Nairabet is a top-flight bookmaker winning Nigeria’s offline and online space. It impresses with a rich diversity of gambling activities, betting markets, and payment methods, too. Explore all the options on how to fund Nairabet account balances with us.

Nairabet in a Nutshell

Nairabet in a Nutshell

Launched in 2009, the bookmaking company was a trailblazer in the domestic sports betting industry. All these years, it’s been providing high-quality services, supporting sports talents, and constantly updating its list of offerings.

The original sportsbook is now enriched with virtuals and NairaVegas—an ample collection of online slots and other casino entertainment. If you’re curious about the latest developments and nitty-gritty details about Nairabet, be sure to read our extensive review. 

How to Fund Your Nairabet Account

How to Fund Your Nairabet Account

Despite the array of payment-processing solutions and deposit methods, customers follow the same basic steps to fund Nairabet accounts.

Website Instructions

This how-to is for those who access the betting platform through their desktop computers. Let’s assume you opened the website and logged in as a starting point.

Input an Amount

Click the “Deposit” icon to open the pop-up, type the sum you want to pay, and proceed.

Select a Gateway

Pick out the desired payment-processing system to perform your online money transfer.

Key in Your Details

Choose a payment option from the list and specify the details as required by the method.

Confirm the Transfer

Confirm the transaction by entering the one-time password sent to your phone number.

Mobile Instructions

And here are the guidelines for those interested in how to fund Nairabet account balances from mobile devices. Let’s consider the option of recharging with a bank card.

Go to the Site

Open the site from your mobile browser, tap “Deposit,” and enter the needed amount.

Pick a Method

Select a payment gateway, click the “Next” button, and choose the “Pay with Card” option.

Fill in the Data

Specify your card details, including its number, expiration date, and CVV number.


Authenticate by typing and submitting the one-time password received on your phone.

Nairabet Payment Methods

The eminent bookmaker employs handy payment tools to make all money operations on the gambling platform quick and smooth. When elaborating on how to fund Nairabet account balances, it’s worth mentioning the payment gateways first of all.

The bookie works with Nigeria’s most cutting-edge services, targeting online transactions. They guarantee secure payment processing and transfers of user data. You can fund your Nairabet account via the payment platform you’re most comfortable with. The options include

  • Interswitch,
  • Paystack,
  • XpressPay,
  • Flutterwave,
  • Squad.

After selecting a payment gateway, you can further opt for a method you wish to pay with.


You can recharge your balance by credit or debit card by entering its details each time or using the autofill function.


You can visit the nearest branch of your bank and make a deposit using your Nairabet account number. 


Additionally, you can fund your balance through a money transfer, for which you also need your account number.


*737* 50*Amount*88# is the Nairabet USSD code you can dial to make a deposit via GTBank USSD.

Visa QR

A Visa QR code is another way to top up your balance, which you can select as a payment method on the gambling platform. 


Instead of an ATM card, you can use an e-wallet, such as OPay or PalmPay, specifying your user ID or Nairabet customer reference number.


Currently, crypto is not enabled for funding Nairabet account balances. However, the payment methods are regularly updated, so this option may also appear in the future.

Nairabet Deposit Fees in Nigeria

Nairabet Deposit Fees in Nigeria

The bookmaker doesn’t charge any deposit fees to its Nigerian clients. However, your bank or payment service provider may collect some fees. So find it out before making a payment.

Account Replenishment Issues and Solutions 

On-screen prompts on the Nairabet website make depositing much easier. But something may still go wrong when you replenish your balance. Be sure to keep the following in mind to avoid problems with your deposit:

  • Your payment details must completely match your player account data.
  • The payment information you enter must be true, accurate, and up to date.
  • Deposits will only be accepted once validated via a one-time PIN code. 
  • The one-time password must be sent to your active mobile phone number.

If you’ve considered all of the above, but the balance is still low, you should contact the bookie’s support service.  

Nairabet’s Customer Service for Payments in Nigeria

Nairabet’s support team will help you sort out your payment issues immediately. To speed up the process, you can send them screenshots of the issue and indicate your user ID.

support@nairabet.com 01-3438165 070062472238

To Sum up

Nairabet To Sum up

What exactly are Nairabet deposits in Nigeria? They are a well-built, failproof, and secure system comprising a number of state-of-the-art payment instruments and the most usable deposit methods. And, of course, there are no fees from the bookmaker’s side.


What is the USSD code for Nairabet GTBank?

*737* 50*Amount*88# is the GTBank USSD code you can dial for Nairabet deposits.

What is the maximum win on Nairabet?

The maximum winnings in sports betting on the gambling platform are N50,000,000.

How do I convert airtime to money?

A variety of software, both sites and apps, can help you convert airtime to cash in minutes.

How do I convert the MTN recharge card to cash?

You can do it by registering with one of the online services intended for such conversions.

Which app can I use to convert airtime to my bank account?

Some of the leading apps in Nigeria are Aimtoget, Mintyn Bank app, GoSub, and Prestmit.
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