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NairaBet is a notable Nigerian bookmaker that erects customer service satisfaction as its main focal point. As a locally owned sportsbook, the company knows what Nigerian punters want. That is why it delivers the best promotions and odds that Nigerians can enjoy. In this blog, we will be reviewing the bookmaker and answering any questions lingering in your mind.


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Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience

Pros & Cons

  • Live Betting
  • Cash out
  • Online casino available
  • Promo: “One Game Cut Your Ticket”
  • No mobile app
  • Licensed only in Nigeria
  • No live-streaming


NairaBet Features

For a bookmaker operating only in Nigeria, the features are pretty decent but limited. Considering how the world is evolving due to technological progress, and the number of bettors around the world, every sportsbook should be able to develop an application for its brand. Although there are a few positives like Live Betting and Cash-out.

NairaBet App

NairaBet App

Sadly, NairaBet doesn’t offer software for smart devices like iPhones and Android, which is highly disappointing considering how many Nigerians use them. Although you can still access the site by proceeding to your web browser on your mobile device or computer.

Is It Safe and Secure?

As a licensed Sportsbook in Nigeria by NLBC, its activities are closely monitored by the governing body, making it safe for use. Furthermore, the technical department safeguards it from harm and cyber attacks.

Signing Up

NairaBet Signing Up

The sign-up process is pretty simple. Just go to the NairaBet page, select the “Join” option at the top and enter the required data. Make sure the details are entered correctly to avoid your profile being blocked.

Creating a NairaBet Account

Before you are permitted to place a bet, you must make sure your profile is validated. Here is how to do that.

  1. Navigate to NairaBet and locate the “Join” menu.
  2. Enter your personal information.
  3. Request a code to verify your telephone number or email.
  4. Use the unique code forwarded to you to finish your registration.

Now let’s talk about how to sign in.

Logging In

Immediately after you finish opening your profile, you are required to sign in to access all the functions waiting. Here’s how to access NairaBet:

  1. Navigate to the NB page.
  2. Identify the “Login” menu on the header.
  3. Complete the blank fields with the necessary info and select “Login Securely.”

Naira Bet Bonuses

NairaBet Bonuses

One of the main reasons for its popularity among Nigerians is the presence of promotional offers from time to time. They offer bonuses on sporting games and online casinos. Some of these bonuses include: one game cut your ticket, a 500% win bonus, daily cash prizes, and pragmatic play for casino players.

Loyalty Program

NairaBet doesn’t offer any customer loyalty program that we know of, although individuals looking to become an agent or partner can scroll to the bottom of the site to start collaboration today.

Accepted Currencies

As a Sportsbook licensed only in Nigeria, it accepts Naira as its form of transaction. Other currencies are not allowed but do not worry, you can convert foreign currency into Naira to transact on the NairaBet.

How to Deposit

NairaBet How to Deposit

First thing you should do after profile completion is to top it up. There are several ways to go about this. Below is an example.

  1. Sign in and select “My Account.”
  2. Click the menu “Deposit & Withdrawal.”
  3. Identify preferred means of payment.
  4. Enter the amount and confirm the transaction.

Available Payment Methods

There are numerous ways you can recharge your account. The choice is down to you to pick what is convenient and suitable enough. Examples of NairaBet payment methods are:

  • Internet banking
  • Bank transfer
  • ATM card
  • Agent
  • Quickteller

First-time Deposit Bonus

There is no first-time deposit offered to newly registered bettors, which is disappointing because the majority of sportsbooks do at least offer clients a welcome bonus. We hope a change is coming.

Lowest Deposit Permitted

The least amount you can deposit into your account is 50 Naira. If you try depositing less than that, the transaction will be canceled.

Deposit Code

The platform has a feature called NairBet USSD which allows you to recharge your account. Every code has a certain amount dedicated to it. Unfortunately, this feature is only accessible to GTbank customers.

How to Bet

NairaBet How to Bet

Staking on NairaBet mobile is simple and the steps are quite similar to that of its competitors.

  1. Browse the official NB site.
  2. Confirm you are logged in and there is money in your account.
  3. Identify the sport and pick the match you want to wager on.
  4. Pick the preferred market.
  5. Enter the sum you would like to stake on.
  6. Confirm your bet by hitting “Place bet.”
  7. Mission complete.

Online Rules

  • NairaBet reserves the right to accept and refuse suggested bets.
  • NairaBet expects you to provide useful and accurate information.
  • Failure to provide information that matches will lead to a ban or block.

Betting Markets

You can find various kinds of sports on the platform, but soccer is the most notable, which is not shocking because the nation is known as a football nation. Other sports include MMA, cricket, and handball. With a collection of sports comes various betting markets. Let’s dive a little deeper into some of the markets.


This is a bet market where you give a handicap to win. This is more common with favorites or, on occasion, underdogs. For example, you can give the least favorite a plus four if you think the odds favorite will not win with more than 3 or 3.5 goals.

3-Way Corner

This market means you expect your selected team will have more corner kicks than the opponent. If both teams have the same number, the bet will be lost.

Type of Bets

There are two kinds of bets available. They are single and multiple bets. Additionally, you can qualify for bonuses when you select a certain number of games or events. For example, if you select up to five games, you will get a 5% win bonus.

Single Bet

This is a bet where you pick an event and a single outcome. Suitable for bettors looking to stake big. Your winnings depend on one particular game, which can be less stressful compared to multiple outcomes.

Multiple Bet

This option allows you to pick different games from various sports all together into one single slip. Whether it is basketball, volleyball, or boxing. If all the outcomes you chose are correct, your NairaBet slip will be won.

Betting Tips

For you to master the art of forecasting games correctly, there needs to be some studying. Data has taken over everything we do. Hence, why decisions are mostly data-driven. Below are instructions on how to predict correctly.

  • Learn the betting market, Identify which predictions are easy to get and more likely to pass
  • Study the sport, team’s performance, and form
  • Be patient
  • Analyze the data

These NairaBet tips will help you comprehend and identify betting opportunities more.


NairaBet Withdrawal

Every punter always looks forward to making withdrawals. NairaBet payout is fast and reliable which is why your earnings are deposited into your bank account immediately after confirmation. Regarding the methods of withdrawal, it is quite the same as deposit.

  1. Proceed to “My Account.”
  2. Click “Withdraw Funds.”
  3. Enter the bank and other relevant information.
  4. Type in the amount.
  5. Confirm the transaction.

Methods of Withdrawal

Some withdrawal methods available on NB include bank transfer and Internet banking. The process is quick and reliable. All you have to do is provide your bank account, the amount and confirm the withdrawal.

Types of Sports Available

NairaBet Types of Sports Available

Sports present on the platform include ice hockey, handball, golf, and esports. But NairaBet is mainly focused on football game betting. The EPL, for example, has numerous betting markets that you can choose from if you enjoy English football.

Countries Available

Since its inception in 2009, the sportsbook is only available in Nigeria. Its head office is situated in Lekki Lagos.

Live Betting And Live Streaming Options

NairaBet Live Betting And Live Streaming Options

Like its competitors, NairaBet has a feature that lets you bet on games as it unfolds. Identify the competition and take advantage of the incredible odds on offer.

Live Betting

This option allows you to check livescores and stake on matches as it happens. The odds during live games can be impressive which can be beneficial to you.

Live Streaming

There is no live-streaming feature on the platform as we speak, who knows maybe in the future that changes.

Slots at NairaBet Casino

NairaBet Slots at NairaBet Casino

Gamblers can find casino options when they select the “NairaVegas” icon at the top. Lots of collections at your disposal, so dive in and enjoy.

Spin Win

For those that want to spin their way to success, the game has a traditional feel to it, so if you are used to gambling in physical casinos, you will enjoy this one. Before you start playing, make sure you choose the amount you wish to wager.


You can easily locate it by selecting “NairaVegas” on the top. The games available are classic blackjack that you will find on another gambling site. The game is fun and the designs are neat

Instant Premier Football

An Online football slot, the game will be highly appreciated by those that love the sport. For you to win, you will need to score your way past the goalkeeper. The animation is pretty impressive and the graphics are pretty decent.

One Game Cut Your Ticket

A unique feature from NairaBet. You get paid even if one of the outcomes selected is incorrect. Although you will be given part of the estimated winnings instead of the total.

This option is only eligible to those that choose up to 10 outcomes with 1.2 odds or more.

Naira Bet Technical Support

If you are experiencing any issues or have some questions, you can always contact NairaBet customer care through these lines. The support line is available 24 hrs to answer and resolve your queries.

0700 6247 2238 NairaBET


Even though it was created many years ago, NairaBet is still considered to be among the notable in Nigeria. The platform’s primary betting market is football, but there are several other sports to pick from such as darts, futsal, and Australian football. You can also find unique features like “one game cut your ticket” that distinguish the bookmaker from most of its counterparts.

Cash out
Live streaming
book logo 22,000 NGN Yes Yes get bonus
book logo Up to 145600 NGN Yes Yes get bonus
book logo Up to 207,500 NGN Yes Yes get bonus
book logo Free Bet No No get bonus


How can I register my NairaBet account?

You can confirm your profile by completing the “How to KYC” process.

Are Nigerians allowed to play NairaBet?


Is NairaBet any good?

It is considered one of the best in the country.

How real is NairaBet?

It is authentic and a licensed operator.

How fast does NairaBet pay out?

After confirmation, it doesn’t take more than 24 hrs.

Is NairaBet still functioning?

Yes, the site still operates.

How to bet on Nairabet?

To register your bets, check out the article “How to bet.”

Who owns NairaBet?

Akin Alabi is the NairaBet founder.
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