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How to Bet on ZEbet

With almost 20 years of experience, ZEbet is a renowned betting brand. The platform was established in 2004 and is active in several nations worldwide. In 2020, they opened up for Nigerian sports lovers. 

About ZEbet

About ZEbet

After launching its services in Nigeria, ZEbet has grown to be a popular place for both new and seasoned local gamblers to place bets. Although ZEbet isn’t at the very top of the rating of all Nigerian bookies, it is unquestionably a solid option for easy and safe betting. ZEbet boasts a valid license issued by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission of Nigeria, which means they are legally allowed to provide sports betting activities in the country. In addition to that, a local license guarantees that the local laws will protect your money and personal details.

In this article, we will focus on the betting aspect of the platform and share some insights on how to place bets and boost your winnings. If you are interested in an in-depth platform analysis, we suggest you check our detailed ZEbet review.

Types of Bets

ZEBet Types of Bets

Your approach to betting is determined by the bets you place. You may place pre-match bets, live bets, accumulator bets, single bets, and many other types of bets. Each type has unique odds, payouts, and winning chances. Let’s review the most popular ones available on ZEbet.

Single Bets on ZEbet

Single bets involve placing a wager on just one occasion. They are common among beginners who lack experience and seek to increase their betting expertise. 

Accumulator Bets on ZEbet

This popular betting style lets you improve your odds by selecting multiple games to create a chain of interconnected wagers. For instance, if you choose three games for an accumulator, you only win if all three bets are successful. This bet type is popular with more experienced players.

In-Play Bets on ZEbet

Betting on ongoing events is a popular section of the service. Many bettors prefer live betting because it lets you compare opponents visually and adjust your forecasts on the go. ZEbet has an excellent selection of live matches, so you will always find something interesting in this section of the platform.

How to Bet on Sports

ZEBet How to Bet on Sports

Sports betting is a type of gambling where you put money into an event to earn a certain sum of money if your prediction is accurate. When wagering, the bookmaker will provide you with the odds or expected probabilities of the event happening, determining the amount of cash you will likely win. The outcome that matches your prediction is called a market. You may bet on a winning team, goals, scorers, differences in goals, and so forth. Particular odds for each of these markets might change in the sportsbook’s pre-match and in-play betting areas. With ZEbet, you can wager via its website or through the mobile app.

How to Bet via Website

The process is intuitive and straightforward. Let’s move one step at a time.

How to Bet via Website ZEbet

Step 1

Launch the ZEbet website.

Step 2

Log into your account.

Step 3

Deposit some funds to your ZEbet wallet.

Step 4

Select the sport you want to bet on from the vast ZEbet sportsbook.

Step 5

Select the event and the betting market.

Step 6

Enter your stake.

Step 7

Confirm your bet. Wait for the game outcome and collect your winnings if you are lucky.

How to Bet via Mobile App

The process is almost the same. However, you need to download the ZEbet mobile application first. Available on the Zebet website, the app is compatible with Android-based phones only. After you download and install the app, you can proceed to betting. That is if you already have a verified account with the bookie. In another case scenario, you must register an account and verify your identity. Do not worry, it won’t take long. Once you have an active account, you can start placing bets. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

  1. Open the app.
  2. Log into your account if needed.
  3. Make sure you have some funds deposited into your account.
  4. Choose the sport you want to bet on.
  5. Select your preferred event and the betting market.
  6. Add your stake and confirm the bet.
  7. Cross your fingers and wait for the results.

Account Verification

To verify your identity, you also need to go through the verification procedure. All accounts registered on the site need to be validated before placing a wager since the bookmaker respects the value of privacy. The verification procedure is relatively fast and won’t take long after you submit the documents requested by the bookmaker.

Sports Available for Betting

ZEBet Sports Available for Betting

ZEbet has a collection of over 30 sports, including well-known ones like football and tennis and niche ones like hockey. Additionally, wagers may be placed on virtual events like virtual football and greyhound racing. The bookie also provides a great choice of betting markets that depend on the sport and type of event you plan to bet on. Unfortunately, ZEbet doesn’t offer games for eSports betting. The bookie focuses primarily on conventional sports and offers a large selection of them. Most games also allow live betting while the game is unraveling.

Prediction Tips

ZEBet Prediction Tips

Your betting career doesn’t start when you sign up with a bookmaker. Making accurate forecasts requires a solid understanding of the basic concepts behind sports betting. Making predictions based on intuition only will not help you win big. You must examine all current data on certain teams and individual players, as well as game statistics, head-to-head competition, and odds analysis. Although we cannot give you all of this information, we can help you with some handy tips. Examine the insights below to help you quickly advance from a rookie to an expert. 

Avoid high odds. High odds wagering is not a wise long-term strategy, especially for a beginner, even though it may seem thrilling. Before trying, we advise gaining experience. High-odds betting is not a primary tactic used by even seasoned players. 

Do your own research. As we already said, learning more about betting is always important. Get familiar with the game’s rules and the betting process first. Despite having straightforward regulations, even sports like football and basketball are challenging to predict. Next, evaluate the clubs’ lineups and player performances for the current season. Following the advice of the professionals is the final crucial step. Read the opinions of seasoned gamblers and athletes over the upcoming matches and their perceptions of the teams’ performances.

Manage your bankroll. Managing your bankroll is essential when you bet on sports. Sports bettors use bankroll management tactics to manage their funds to maximize possible profit and minimize risk. These techniques, verified by countless financial professionals and modified for sports betting, mostly derive from stock exchanges and financial markets. Savvy bankroll management helps to decrease the risk of losing all your betting funds and increase your potential winnings. To handle your finances smartly, you need to take the following steps:

  • Create a budget estimate
  • Plan your wagers
  • Control your risks
  • Keep track of your expenses
  • Record the outcomes of your wagers

This will help you spend money on your bets wisely.

Use promo deals wisely. Use bonuses wisely if you want to increase your winnings. Promotions and bonuses are an excellent way to boost your earnings without using your own money. However, all bonuses have wagering restrictions, whether challenging or moderate. The ZEbet wagering requirements are reasonable. After a few betting sessions, when you convert the bonus credits to real money, you can easily withdraw the bonus funds. However, if you do not follow the terms and conditions of your applicable bonus, it will be deemed void.

Mind the event venue. Another crucial factor to consider while making your prediction is the venue of the selected sporting event. This is essential for team sports in particular, since the outcome of games is usually influenced by audience behavior and the condition of the field, dugouts, and locker rooms. For instance, whether it’s basketball predictions or rugby betting advice, the team playing at home will almost always win regardless of how effective the opposition is. Following this logic, tennis players usually do better at competitions hosted in their native country or on surfaces that suit them best.

Betting Markets

In general, betting markets display the game’s potential outcomes that will increase your profit. Your winnings will be estimated in accordance with the odds of your bet if you accurately forecast the outcome of the chosen market. The betting market, the bonus, and the kind of bet are taken into consideration when calculating the odds. Let’s look at ZEBet’s most well-liked markets. 

Favorite vs. Underdog

You can bet on either the favorite team or the underdog one. Although the betting odds often favor the favorites, betting on the underdog could result in bigger payouts (and higher risks). There are two common ways to bet on a favorite or an underdog: spreads and money lines.


Point spread bets take into account the so-called handicap, in which case oddsmakers calculate a number (point spread) that represents the margin by which they predict the favorite to win.

Money Lines

If you bet on money lines, you place a bet on a team or a player to win. You win your bet if that person or team outscores. This is the most straightforward betting market.


Calculated in advance, betting odds are a tool that shows an oddsmaker’s opinion on a certain game, event, or match. In addition, they reflect the potential payout or how much a bettor needs to risk in order to win a particular sum. Odds are significant while placing a bet. Luckily, you don’t need to calculate anything yourself because ZEbet and many other online betting sites can handle it for you.

 When you add the selections to your ticket, the integrated calculator shows you the overall odds rate and the total amount of potential winnings.

Faux Pas New Punters Make

It is likely for rookies to commit certain errors when using the platform to place a bet. You must avoid these errors since they might significantly harm your betting experience.

Emotional Betting

As a novice, you might want to bet on your favorite team, despite the odds suggesting otherwise. Make informed decisions and follow what the data says.

Chasing Losses

Chasing losses is another error that novices frequently make. This implies that even when it is not in your best interest to do so, you keep gambling in an effort to make up for your losses. This may result in more losses and soon spiral out of control. Losses are a necessary component of sports betting, therefore, it’s critical to accept them as such and to avoid chasing them at all costs.

Ignoring Platform Rules

Before you begin placing bets on ZEbet, remember that you must abide by all the conditions and guidelines established by this company. If you break any of them, the bookie may block or suspend your account. Additionally, before placing your wager, conduct an in-depth study and estimate the likelihood of your forecasts. Do not place bets in a hurry. This process requires a cool head and strategic approach.

Borrowing Money for Betting

Never borrow money to place a bet. It is a fundamental rule for all professional and new bettors. Manage your finances independently. You’ll save money and protect yourself from pointless credits. Think of betting as a pastime. It will be easier to manage the money this way.

Betting on Every Game

It is best to avoid placing any bets if you believe it is impossible to foresee the result of any game. Miss the game and calmly plan your other bets. It will help you to avoid wagering addiction.

Placing Accumulators

Inexperienced gamblers should never place an accumulator wager. Parlay wagering is quite risky. The odds of success for accumulators are often the lowest, making them the most challenging to win.

If you bet on a single event and choose the double chance market, the odds and rewards will be lower, but your chances of winning will be much higher.  

How to Place a Winning Bet on ZEbet

How to Place a Winning Bet on ZEbet
  • Using online prediction tools is one of the tried-and-true ways to place the best wager. Many gamblers use specialized web services to check their prognosis. Their predictions were created by the analytical system, which considered tons of data to make perfect calculations.
  • Checking all well-known leagues and forthcoming matches is another technique to find profitable bets. In many cases, during international and other large contests, all the well-known and powerful teams have all chances of winning due to their strong motivation to become the best. 


ZEbet Conclusion

ZEbet is a good choice for Nigerian punters. The bookie is 100% safe and provides numerous betting opportunities. In case you have any issues, you can contact their efficient customer care team or browse through the FAQ section. If you want to have some fun betting on sports, whether on the go or from the comfort of your couch, the bookie has got you covered.

How do you play Cut 2 on ZEbet?

Cut-2 is a promotional offer that is applicable after two of the picks in your accumulator bet have lost. Your wager must include at least eight choices, and each choice’s odds must be 1.30 or higher in order to be eligible for a refund. You can only receive a refund of up to NGN 20,000.

What is the meaning of 1X2 in ZEbet?

Three-way betting, often referred to as 1X2 betting, involves wagering on a home win, a draw, or an away win. 1X2 bets are a simple way of wagering on sports where a draw is possible. “1” refers to a home win, “X” means the draw and “2” stands for the away win.

How do you load a bet slip on ZEbet?

After making your predictions, click on the “Betslip” located at the bottom right of your screen.

How do you play the ZEbet jackpot?

You should log into your account, click on the ZEbet widget, and make your predictions on the suggested games. Then, all you have to do is wait.

Is ZEbet real or fake?

ZEbet is a legitimate bookmaker with the required licenses in each market location. You may use the platform and be sure that your funds and personal details are secure. Additionally, the bookmaker has an outstanding track record from years of successful operations. The platform also protects your winnings and deposited funds since the bookie partners only with trustworthy and safe payment operators.
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