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Nura Amadu
Date of birth 19.06.1994
Gender Female
Competencies Sports Journalist

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Publication — Mar 04, 2024Changed — Jun 20, 2024

Frapapa Customer Care in Nigeria

The betting industry is taking security more and more seriously. As a result, regulators are issuing numerous security standards and requiring Internet services to comply with them. One of them is to have reliable customer support. It makes betting safer and protects against unsolvable problems. So today, players can rest assured that they are betting in a safe environment, protected by real people who make their experience better. So, let's dive deeper and explore what customer support looks like in the betting industry, which method to...
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Publication — Mar 02, 2024Changed — Jun 20, 2024

How to Use Frapapa Bonuses in Nigeria?

Frapapa is a well-known sports betting company in the local Nigerian market. Bettors highly appreciate it for its incredible sports betting services, its great mobile application, and the numerous betting options available. But besides being an excellent betting website and having a great array of features, the company also has quite a large collection of promotional offers and bonuses that members may regularly profit from. Incentives are an essential part of the betting process, which is why Frapapa Nigeria has integrated as many of...
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Publication — Feb 29, 2024Changed — Jun 10, 2024

Frapapa Review in Nigeria – All About Frapapa

Frapapa Score Pros and Cons  Even though the Frapapa application is considered one of the most interesting and convenient platforms on the local market, that doesn’t mean that the website doesn’t have any disadvantages. Every sports betting website has its pros and cons that we recommend taking into consideration before proceeding with the registration procedure.  Maybe this betting website will not suit your personal preferences; who knows? Let’s take a look at the chart made by our experts. Many innovations have...
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Publication — Feb 26, 2024Changed — Jun 10, 2024

Download Wazobet App in Nigeria Now!

These days, you likely want everything to be accessible from the comfort of your phone. Especially if we’re talking about online services, including bookmakers, having the opportunity to use the sportsbooks and casino options anytime and anywhere gives you enough options to be flexible about your activity. For example, you can monitor how the odds are changing without ever touching your computer. In our article, we will cover the apps and mobile websites of Wazobet, a growing bookmaker based in Nigeria. The service aims to be an...
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Publication — Feb 25, 2024Changed — Jun 17, 2024

Expert Review of Wazobet Nigeria

Betting World today introduced a new cluster of bookies that have recently been released. One of them is Wazobet. Today we're going to talk about the Wazobet features, characteristics, sign-up tutorials, deposit and withdrawal guides, descriptions of the bonuses, and registration key factors. Although Wazobet is not the most famous bookmaker, it has a very sophisticated sportsbook that hundreds of Nigerians are looking for.  Wazobet Score Pros and Cons of Wazobet  To help you evaluate all the positives and...
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Publication — Feb 23, 2024Changed — May 28, 2024

Download Betika App & Bet on Sports in Nigeria!

We know one thing for sure: you want your betting experience to be as convenient as possible. And owning a smartphone and using any bookmaker with its help without ever touching a PC is a nice way to do so. In 2023, the majority of sportsbooks will offer their apps to users. And those that don’t still provide mobile-optimized websites. These days, the apps feature the same set of options that you will find on the desktop. More often than not, they are also wrapped in a better-looking and easier-to-navigate UI. The article aims to look at...
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