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Yanga Sport Review in Nigeria

Nigeria is home to many bookmakers. They have varying quality and different features, and some are obviously better than others. But that’s great: you have enough to choose from if you’re looking for a great wagering experience. New sportsbooks also emerge all the time. 

In this article, we will cover one of the younger bookmakers: Yanga Sport. It hasn’t been on the market for long but already has a lot to offer its customers. In our text, we will review the features that Yanga Sport can use to gain a bigger audience. We will review in detail everything you might want to know about this bookmaker. Let’s start.

Yanga Sport

Bonus offer
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience

Yanga Sport Pros and Cons

Since the platform is young, it isn’t without its drawbacks. Let’s take a look at the existing advantages and disadvantages to get a clearer picture.

  • Good design
  • The mobile website is perfectly functional and good-looking
  • Enough sports to bet on
  • Live betting
  • Casino options
  • No mobile application
  • A bit limited payment options

Yanga Sport Features

While the platform might be young, it already has enough to offer. There’s a good interface and a wide variety of features. There are enough sports to wager on, although the list isn’t comparable to what large bookmakers offer. You can place your bets on different markets, and in-play wagering is also an option that you can enjoy. If you prefer gambling, there are enough games and casino slots to try your luck with. The platform provides all of that in an accessible manner, making sure you get a complete wagering and gambling experience.

Yanga Sport App

Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t have a mobile application for either iOS or Android. This doesn’t come as a surprise since the platform is new, and they probably haven’t had the time and money to develop the application. But if you’re trying to access the sportsbook from your smartphone, don’t worry; there’s a mobile version of the website that you can use. It’s perfectly functional and looks polished.

Is Yanga Sport Legit and Safe?

Is Yanga Sport Legit and Safe?

Yes, the platform is perfectly legit and features a local wagering license. The company also has an office in Lagos, and we expect it to grow even further. Having a local registration also means that the company had to fulfill certain expectations to get it.

Yanga Sport Registration

Yanga Sport Registration

If you decide that you want to try the platform, now it’s your time to register. Thankfully, there’s nothing difficult about the process at all. The registration procedure can be completed in less than a minute. Here are your steps:

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Click on the “Join Now” button; you can find it in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Enter your full name.
  4. Type in your valid phone number.
  5. Optionally, provide your email address.
  6. Enter your date of birth.
  7. Select the state of Nigeria that you live in.
  8. Come up with a password.
  9. Confirm it.
  10. Optionally enter a promo code.
  11. Provide an affiliate code if you have any.
  12. Tick the box confirming being over 18 years old and agreeing to the T&C and Privacy Policy; you can click on them to get familiar.
  13. Click the “Sign Up” button.
  14. All done.

Bonuses in Yanga Sport

Bonuses in Yanga Sport

The platform provides several bonuses that can be of great use to both newcomers and regulars. Let’s take a look at them.

Deposit offer. This solution isn’t typical: instead of covering only the first deposit, the bookmaker provides bonuses on the first four ones.

The Acca Bonus. This is a multibet boost offer. To receive it, you have to make accumulators with three or more selections that include the markets with odds of 1.3 or higher. The more selections you have, the higher will be the best. For three, it’s just 3%. If you place thirty-five, you will receive a 600% bonus, the maximum possible one.

Accepted Currencies

Betika is a Nigeria-based platform that targets its home country. So it’s logical that the only currency it supports would be the Nigerian Naira (NGN). Maybe we will see support for others if and when the bookmaker decides to expand to other markets.

How to Deposit Funds

Yanga Sport How to Deposit Funds

Moving money into your account on the platform is the first thing players usually do after registration and getting familiar with the platform. The reason is obvious: the money is required for placing the bets. And although free wagers exist, they are usually part of larger promotions that, in turn, require money as well. Let’s check the steps you have to take to move the funds into your Yanga Sport account:

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Log in.
  3. Click on the “Deposit” button at the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Take a look at offered methods, select one you want to use, and click on another “Deposit” button next to it.
  5. Enter the deposit amount or click on the button that already shows the sum.
  6. The button showing how much you will deposit will appear under the field.
  7. Click on it.
  8. Select the deposit approach you’re planning to take. The options include Visa, Bank, USSD code, and even a Visa QR option.
  9. Follow the prompts.
  10. All done; you’ve just funded your account.

Offered Payment Methods

Being a platform that’s not yet very established, Yanga Sport doesn’t provide many options for depositing. In general, you can do so by either credit card or direct bank transfer. Paystack, a popular payment system in the country, also works.

First Deposit Bonus

The platform offers bonuses for your first four deposits. It 100% matches the sum you first add to your account. The minimum is 500 NGN, while the upper limit is 10,000 NGN. There are certain requirements. For example, you have to wager it within 60 days on the multiple bets with at least 5 selections for the first and second deposits and 6 and 7 for the third and fourth ones, respectively. Each selection must feature odds of at least 1.5.

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit sum is just 100 NGN. The maximum is 1,000,000 NGN but will likely be limited to a lower sum by the provider. This is a pretty good range covering the needs of beginners with low budgets and serious players alike.

Deposit Code

There’s no need to enter any codes during the deposit process. Everything for depositing is done on the website, and you will have to follow the prompts afterward.

How to Place Bets

Yanga Sport How to Place Bets

The chances are that you joined the platform to start wagering. Unless, of course, you like casino games more. Yanga Sport offers enough things to attract punters; we’ve already mentioned the features in this article and will continue to do so in the other blocks.

Now, let’s check the steps you need to complete in order to start placing the wagers:

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Log in if you haven’t already. Or register; we covered the needed steps previously in this article.
  3. Select the sport you want to place your wagers on. You can do so by clicking on the “Sports” button in the menu.
  4. Find the market you’re interested in.
  5. Click on the odds.
  6. Place your stake in the betslip.
  7. If you want to, add more selections.
  8. Click on the “Place Bet” button. Alternatively, you can select the booking option.

Betting Markets

Yanga Sport offers enough markets for you to place bets on the game. Let’s check some of the most popular sports and see how it’s done.


Being the most widely played and watched discipline in the world, football is naturally favorite among punters as well. So all of the existing bookmakers offer an option to bet on it unless they focus on other sports, which is very rare.

The markets for football are very versatile. They range from common over/unders, moneylines, and handicaps to much more interesting options, such as draw no-bets, predicting the total score, goal range, and GG/NG, among many others.


Another common sport for betting, basketball, is offered on the platform. There are enough events to find the one you like, and the markets are flexible as well. Apart from simple and more standard options like moneylines, you can guess the goal range, whether there will be overtime, as well as odd/evens for each quarter or the whole game.


While it’s far from the most widely bet on sport, it’s still an actively watched one with many events drawing serious audiences. If you want to place your wagers on tennis, Yanga Sport might be a great fit for your needs: there are many markets to enjoy. If you get bored from predicting the outcomes and over/unders, there are more interesting options like guessing the exact number of sets or correct score.

Betting Types

Betting Types Yanga Sport

In the previous block, we’ve described various options and disciplines that you may find on Yanga Sport. Now, let’s take a look at what they mean since beginners might find it difficult to navigate the world of over/unders, handicaps, and more special and complex options. In the following paragraphs, we will describe how all these betting types work.


In this type of wager, you’re just predicting the outcome of the game. Yes, it’s that simple. The options include the win of the home or away teams (the teams that are listed first and second, respectively) and a draw. Nothing is complicated about it, and this is precisely what makes this wager that common.


Another commonly placed type of bet. In this case, you should try to predict whether the game’s total number of goals (or any other number, such as how many corners) will go beyond a certain point. For example, placing the bet on the “Under 2.5” means that you will win if the game is goalless or just two were scored by teams.

Draw No-Bet

This type of wager is very similar to moneylines in its nature, but there’s one thing that differentiates them. For Draw no Bet (also shortened as “DNB”), you will see the bet voided and your money returned if the selection ends in a draw. So, in this case, you’re essentially wagering on the wins of either team.

Football Betting

As we’ve already described, you can enjoy a large variety of markets for placing your bets on football games. There are plenty of events as well. Let’s check them for different teams and leagues among the most famous ones.

Premier League

Every football fan knows about this English professional league. And, of course, you can bet on its matches in Yanga Sport. The odds are generally similar to the average on the market. The markets are good; the selection includes everything a punter might want. We’ve already described some of the options in this article.

La Liga

This Spanish league is also very well-known and includes some of the strongest teams in the history of football. It’s no wonder that you can wager on such games at Yanga Sport.

Coppa Italia

This is the domestic cup in the world of Italian football. The country is known for its powerful teams and legendary players. And on Yanga Sport, you can place your predictions on these games.

Yanga Sport Prediction Tips

Yanga Sport Prediction Tips

If you’re a beginner or feel like your wagering results have stopped improving, you might start wondering how to get better consistency in your predictions. Since the activity mainly revolves around your luck, it might seem that it’s impossible to improve. But that’s untrue since there’s a great deal of skill involved as well. Below, we outline the recommendations that may help you:

  • Get familiar with the sport. There’s not much point in betting on a game you know nothing about. You don’t have to be a player, but randomly putting wagers on something you’re not familiar with is way too risky. Research the sport, the teams, and the current events, and try to understand the nuances.
  • Follow the professionals’ opinions. The Internet has made the ability to exchange opinions as accessible as ever. There are many online communities for bettors, as well as plenty of experts who make their knowledge and expertise public. Listen to them and follow what they advise you to do, but don’t lose your opinion or analytics skills.
  • Get familiar with the statistics. You can find a lot of data online for the sports you’re interested in. This can help you understand the likelihood of various outcomes as well as whether a certain market is too risky.
  • Avoid high odds unless there’s a reason. The higher the odds, the less likely an outcome is to win. That’s the basic rule; that’s the foundation of how bookmakers operate. So, by design, high odds make a wager rather risky. You don’t want this to be a part of your strategy. Stick with the lower ones.
  • Stay away from high stakes unless you’re experienced. Don’t place more than you can lose without any issues. This rule applies to all bettors, but the professionals usually know what they’re doing. And if you’re rich, the sum you can comfortably lose will obviously be higher.
  • Avoid accumulators and multiple bets. Multiple bets can provide you with higher returns, but they’re also inherently riskier than single ones. And in many cases, this risk isn’t worth it. We aren’t against multiple wagers; they have their time and place, but we don’t recommend including them in any long-term strategy. Treat them as a fun activity and make sure that they don’t consist of high odds; in this case, the risk is just way too big.
  • Plan your budget. Betting involves money, and sometimes you might start spending more than you initially expected. So make sure you set a budget and plan your spending before you even start wagering.
  • Keep your emotions in check. It’s better to wager and plan your strategies with a clear head. Sure, you don’t have to avoid being emotional altogether, but impulsive decisions aren’t something you want to make.
  • Track your betting history. Keep an eye on your previous wagers to get a clearer picture of how successful your activity is. You can analyze your wins and losses to find the areas where you can improve. Sometimes, the fact that you need to change your strategy isn’t as obvious as in other cases. Taking a look at your wagering history can help.

These are not all but the most important prediction tips we can provide. They are also generally easy to follow: just keep your discipline and learn new things, and in the long run, you will get more consistently successful at betting.

How to Withdraw Funds

Yanga Sport How to Withdraw Funds

Withdrawing funds is another crucial aspect. Let’s say you won some money at the platform and now want to receive it; what do you do? Thankfully, the process of transferring your funds to the platform is as effortless as it gets.

  1. Log in.
  2. Click on the “My Account” button on the top right part of the screen.
  3. Select the “Withdrawal” tab.
  4. Click on the “Add Bank Account” button.
  5. Choose your bank.
  6. Input the account number.
  7. Click “Add Bank.”
  8. Enter the stake.
  9. Click withdraw.

Withdrawal Methods

The methods for moving your funds usually differ both from company to company, but even for one platform, that might depend on the market. Yanga Sport isn’t a mature website yet, but it offers pretty useful solutions for withdrawing funds. You can use direct bank transfers or Paystack to move the money. As you see, the list of options isn’t wide, but these two are quite commonly used, so you shouldn’t run into problems.

Yanga Sport Casino Games Review

Yanga Sport Casino Games Review

Apart from sportsbook options, you can enjoy casino games on the platform. This can help the website attract new users, especially those that prefer gambling over wagering. In the paragraphs below, we will take a look at some of the casino games you may find on the website.

American Roulette

It’s not surprising to see this option here since this is among the most commonly played casino games ever. This roulette version is pretty much standard and doesn’t have any surprises whatsoever.


You might easily find this game on nearly all online casinos: it’s one of the go-to slots that’s well-liked by users. The version of the game that the platform offers is pretty much standard and works by regular rules: you have to make a winning hand with a value as close to nine as possible without exceeding this number.

Casino Hold’em Poker

Of course, any casino selection will be incomplete without poker, a game well-liked by millions of players across the world. You can participate in poker games at Yanga Sport and test both your luck and skill. Similar to Baccarat and Roulette versions, this poker option is a traditional take on the game.

Offered Sports

Yanga Sport Offered Sports

Yanga Sport provides a relatively long list of disciplines to wager on. It might not be as long as in the case for some of the larger bookmakers, but it’s quite impressive for a new platform. The sports include football, basketball, tennis (including a table one) and darts, among a few others. The platform doesn’t offer any eSports options, but we would expect to see them in the future since they can attract audiences normally not interested. 

Works in the Following Countries

Works in the Following Countries Yanga Sport

Yanga Sport is a Nigeria-based bookmaker that has an office in Lagos and is solely focused on the market of its country. So, Nigeria is the only place where you can use the platform. During the registration process, you have to input your valid phone number that’s registered in the country and also choose your area, with the options only including the state of that country.

Customer Support

Customer Support Yanga Sport

If you experience any issues with the platform or have any questions about it, you can contact customer care. The team will be willing to help you, so below, we list the ways to chat with them.

cs@yangasport.com @yangasport 09096008888
Cash out
Live streaming
book logo 10,000 Yes Yes get bonus
book logo Free Bet No No get bonus
book logo Up to 207,500 NGN Yes Yes get bonus
book logo Up to 100,000 NGN YES YES get bonus


Conclusion Yanga Sport

Yanga Sport seems to be a promising bookmaker that already has a lot to offer. Useful withdrawal and deposit options, a straightforward betting process, several different wagering markets for various disciplines, as well as casino options. What’s not to like? Well, the main disadvantage is the lack of mobile applications, but at least there’s a smartphone-optimized version of the website.

Our article aimed to provide all of the information about the platform that can be interesting for gamblers and punters, experienced and newcomers alike. It can be worth a read for those thinking of joining the platform as well since it’s not always clear what a small new website can offer. If you want to read more about Yanga Sport, check out our other articles covering its various aspects.


Is there an application?

No, there’s no Yanga Sport app as of yet. We hope that the platform will offer it in the future, but as of now, you can enjoy the feature-packed mobile website.

How do I withdraw from Yanga Sport?

If you want to move the funds from your account on the platform, then simply log in, find the “My Account” button, go to the withdrawal tab, and input the needed information.

What is the promo code for Yanga Sport?

You can find an actual promo code for the platform online.

Is Yanga Sport legit?

Yes, the platform might be a new one, but it has all of the needed licenses and an office in Lagos.

Who founded Yanga Sport?

The website was founded by its team and is based in Lagos, Nigeria. There’s not much information about its SEO in the open.

How to register on Yanga Sport?

If you want to join the platform, then you’re a few steps away from doing so. The website doesn’t require you to provide a lot of information during the initial stage, although the procedure is a little bit longer than on other platforms. We’ve already described the process in this article, but, in short:
  1. Visit the website. and click “Join Now.”
  2. Enter your name, phone number, and birthday.
  3. Select your state.
  4. Optionally, provide your email, affiliate code, and a promo one.
  5. Come up with a password and confirm it.
  6. Agree to the T&C, Privacy Policy, and being of legal betting age.
  7. Congratulations, you’re now a member of Yanga Sport.

Can I book a bet?

Yes, the platform offers a booking option.
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