1xBet Deposit Methods in Nigeria

  • Min deposit - 500 NGN
  • Max withdraw - 1,000 NGN
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There are many things to enjoy that a betting platform may offer. You might spend countless hours wagering, or at the casino slots, you can take advantage of different markets, live features, and so on. But it won’t matter if there’s no way for you to add money to your account. Or, what’s worse, the withdrawal process will be complicated. These aspects differ from platform to platform.

Our article will look at how payments work at 1xBet, a large international betting platform that is among the most well-known ones in the world. In particular, we will cover the market in Nigeria. We will try to explain everything in great detail and even compare it to what the competition offers.

How to Deposit Money in 1xBet

How to Deposit Money in 1xBet

There’s nothing too tricky about moving the funds to your account using any payment method. Still, we’d like to discover every process step in detail to clarify things. Let’s start.

How to Deposit Money in 1xBet

Visit the Platform

Head to the platform, whether it’s the site or the app, and log in to your account.

Choose a Method

Click on “Deposit” at the top right and opt for the most suitable payment method.

Follow Instructions

Follow the steps as indicated, including filling in your payment details and amount.

Get Confirmation

Receive a message confirming that your payment is being processed.

How to Withdraw From 1xBet

How to Withdraw From 1xBet

The withdrawal procedure is also incredibly uncomplicated. The terms and conditions aren’t difficult to meet. For separate methods, things might take different times, but the payout is processed quickly, in most cases not taking more than a day. Let’s look at every step of the process, so you will have an even more precise idea of how to move the funds.

How to Withdraw From 1xBet

Access Your Account

Navigate to the betting platform and sign in to your player account.

Opt for Withdrawals

Select “Payments” in the top left corner of the screen and click “Withdraw.”

Heed the Directions

Pick one of the methods, enter the sum and other data as requested, and confirm. Expect funds from a few minutes to a few days, depending on the withdrawal method.

Deposit Methods on 1xBet

Deposit Methods on 1xBet

Adding money to your account’s wallet is the second step in using any bookmaker. The punters start moving their funds immediately or sometime after registering. The welcome bonuses rarely provide free bets without depositing first. So in the majority of cases, it’s impossible to wager without moving the money. Let’s look at how you can transfer the funds into your 1xBet account.

Overview of Offered Deposit Methods

The website doesn’t offer many options for Nigerian punters, but they will likely be more than enough for many players. For example, you can use payment systems and e-wallets such as Skrill, Perfect Money, Neteller, Monnify, Flutterwave, Paystack, and EcoPayz. There’s also a credit card transfer option, which is PaySafe, Palmpay, and Opay. And, what’s rare among bookmakers, 1xBet supports various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. And last but not least, there is the platform’s own system, named 1xBet Cash.

Pros and Cons of Each Method

As every coin has two sides, the offered methods also have certain limits and advantages. Let’s take a look at some of them.

SkrillFast and secureNot very popular across Nigeria
Perfect MoneyVery convenientNot widespread in the country
EcoPayzA safe solution that’s been on the market for a long timeVarious account limitations
PaySafeQuite commonly used in the country
Very safe
Poor user interface
Payment system (Monnify, Flutterwave, Paystack, Palmpay, Opay)Quick and convenientSome of them are new to Nigerian users
1xBet CashNative to the platform; provides all sorts of integrations.Lack of information about this payment solution
CryptocurrencyOffers more flexible possibilities
Doesn’t depend on your location
May be challenging to use without experience
There might be some limits on such wallets. For example, not all bonuses can be applied to them.

Deposit Methods: Compared to Competitors

While the platform’s options will meet the needs of many punters, it’s always interesting to check out how they would fare against the competition. So let’s compare it to some other bookmakers in Nigeria.

Credit Card Transfer++
Bank transfer++
Perfect Money+

As you see, the options are too different to draw direct comparisons. For example, 1xBet has many payment systems supported for deposits, but not all of them, including the solutions popular in Nigeria, such as Paydirect and Quickteller. On the other hand, there are 1xBet crypto options, which provide a clear advantage over other bookmakers.

Withdrawal Methods on 1xBet

Withdrawal Methods on 1xBet

While you can’t start betting without depositing first, the withdrawal issues might present other difficulties. And that’s because everyone wants to have a chance to receive their winnings in their bank account or through their preferred payment system. Let’s check out the options that 1xBet Nigeria provides.

Overview of Offered Withdrawal Methods

Surprisingly, the platform offers more ways to withdraw your funds than there are depositing options. It supports direct bank card transfers to MasterCard. Besides Skrill and Perfect Money, you can use any electronic wallet you like; the list now includes AstroPay, WebMoney, and SticPay. 1xBet Cash, EcoPayz, Payeer, Monnify, Flutterwave, Paystack, Opay, and Palmpay also provide their services to the platform’s users, and the list of supported cryptocurrencies is still impressive.

Pros and Cons of Each Method

There are many ways to withdraw your funds from 1xBet, and some have certain downsides. Thankfully, more often than not, they have advantages that make using the payment solution worth it. Let’s review all of them.

MasterCard transfer– Very commonly used, a large percentage of people have the card
– Very safe
– Top-notch technical support
Sometimes, it can be slow to process
Direct Bank Transfer– Safe
– Secure
– Widely used everywhere
The withdrawals might take a few days
Transfer through payment systems (Monnify, Flutterwave, Paystack, Opay, Palmpay)– Fast and secure
– Wide choice of options
May require account verification
Skrill– A reliable and well-known serviceStrict verification policies
Perfect Money– User-friendly
– Very easy to join
Not popular in Nigeria
Astropay– A well-known payment system that has existed on the market for a long time and has many clientsNot commonly used in Nigeria
Sticpay– Easy to use and genuinely internationalIt could be more reliable
1xBet Cash– Fully integrated within the platformNot much information is provided about the service
Cryptocurrency– Not location dependentA bit difficult to use without previous experience

Withdrawal Methods: Compared to Competitors

The list of withdrawal methods provided by 1xBet is comprehensive by Nigerian standards. For example, it would be challenging to find cryptocurrency among the offers by other platforms. It’s time to examine the competition’s offers and see how 1xBet fares against them.

Credit Card Transfer++
Bank transfer+++
Perfect Money+

What’s clear is that the options differ significantly between the platform and the competition. All three offer direct bank transfers. None of these platforms supports PayPal, which is a bit unfortunate since it’s a relatively common solution worldwide. Regarding other payment systems, 1xBet features more payout methods and is much better than the two other platforms we’ve reviewed. This isn’t similar to the list of deposit solutions, where all three platforms were comparable in their results.

Deposit and Withdrawal Processes: Compared to Competitors

Deposit and Withdrawal Processes: Compared to Competitors

1xBet provides many transfer options that are superior to those offered by many other bookmakers operating in the region. It’s also impressive that it’s quite easy to transfer the funds. All you have to do is go through a few simple steps to either deposit or withdraw money from 1xBet. The support of cryptocurrencies can make the procedures faster and even more straightforward if you know how to use them.

It’s also important to mention that moving the funds is very fast. Apart from banking card transfers, all methods process transactions in minutes.

1xBet Limits and Charges

1xBet Limits and Charges

Limits are put in place for the smallest and maximum amount to transfer. They usually depend on the exact solution, so the bookmaker itself doesn’t play a significant role. Although, 1xBet cash will be an exception since the platform itself operates it.

An Overview of Fees and Limits at 1xBet

The minimum amount is relatively low for almost all payment systems for depositing and withdrawing. For moving the funds onto 1xBet’s account, the lower limit is around 500 NGN for all methods except the prepaid PaySafeCard, where it’s over 1,000 NGN. If you want to withdraw, the limit will be higher: 1,000 NGN for every platform. The platform doesn’t specify the maximum sum, which leads us to believe it’s likely huge.

Speaking of the service fees, they don’t apply to any withdrawal or deposit methods, so you won’t pay any charges.

Fees and Limits: Compared to Competitors

Most serious competitors also don’t charge the users for moving the funds. In some cases, they cover the fees themselves. Some also provide lower minimum deposit and withdrawal limits, but the 1xBet’s one is pretty good. Another feature of the platform is that it doesn’t have set upper limits, so they are likely very high if they exist.

User Feedback

1xBet User Feedback

For sure, 1xBet pays its users, but issues can arise occasionally. According to reviews, the company prefers the players to withdraw using the same method they deposited. They sometimes may ask you to go through the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification procedure which is a totally standard practice, albeit cumbersome. The usage of cryptocurrencies doesn’t seem to feature any of 1xBet withdrawal problems. The platform’s terms and conditions for transferring the funds are far from strict, making moving the money very accessible.


1xBet Conclusion

1xBet aims to make betting even more enjoyable for its players. Being an international platform, this bookmaker tries to cover many markets and provide different options for each based on what services work in the country. In Nigeria, the list of payment solutions is pretty good. There are plenty of ways to deposit your money and even more ways to withdraw your funds, so don’t hesitate to join 1xBet if you are searching for a service with a cup of tea for everyone.

Want to learn more about the bookmaker? Our main review of 1xBet in Nigeria will provide insights into how the platform functions. We also have other texts that may help you better understand the sportsbook’s features.


Can I access 1xBet from my smartphone?

There are 1xBet apps for your Android smartphone or iPhone. If you don’t want to download it, the mobile version of the website features the same functions and UI as the apps.

How do I register?

Joining the platform does not take much time or effort. You can do it both on a desktop and using a mobile device. You will have three methods offered: by phone number, e-mail, and with the help of social networks and messengers. It’s doubtful that you will encounter any issues, but if you want to learn more about the process, read our article on how to join 1xBet.

How long do deposits and withdrawals take?

Most of the offered methods process the payout within a few minutes. The only exception is the credit card transfer. The bookmaker mentions that this solution takes around 1 to 4 business days.

How do I fund my 1xBet account with USSD?

So far, it doesn’t seem that the platform offers the USSD as a way to deposit the funds.

How do I fund 1xBet with GTBank?

The platform doesn’t provide depositing directly from the banks in Nigeria. So it’s currently impossible.

What is the maximum winning on 1xBet in Nigeria?

The maximum possible winning is around 250,000,000 NGN.

Can I earn money from 1xBet?

Yes, it’s possible to win money on the platform by wagering. Follow the prediction tips, use bonuses, and you will see the returns with enough luck. You can easily withdraw the funds using one of the offered methods at the bookmaker.

How do I place bets?

The wagering procedure on the platform is easy. If you want to know how to play 1xBet online, read our separate article on the matter, we cover everything about the process, including ways to do so on your mobile device.

How do I get consistently good results?

We cover certain 1xBet prediction tips in a separate article and sometimes mention them in others. To put things short, they include: learning more about your preferred sport and betting in general, managing funds, and tracking your betting history. Some more specific ones include avoiding high odds and big stakes, at least for the first time.

Is there a cash out feature?

Yes, the service offers the 1xBet cash out function.

Is PayPal supported?

Unfortunately, no.

Do all of the withdrawal and deposit methods work on mobile?

Yes, the apps and mobile version of the website allow you access all of the featured ways to transfer the funds.
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