How to Delete a 1xBet Account

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Betting is fun and can become a nice additional source of income. But sometimes, one can stop using a certain wagering platform for any reason. They might range from disappointment to an exact service or if one is willing to temporarily or permanently stop engaging in betting, for example, due to unhealthy habits or gambling addiction. It might sound sad, but things like that happen.

Our article will cover everything related to deleting an account on 1xBet, a bookmaker with an international presence that also operates in Nigeria. We will detail the steps of this process, cover its pros and cons, take a look at some little things, and even provide answers to commonly asked questions. At the end of the day, you will know how to deactivate a 1xBet account. Let’s start.

How to Join 1xBet

How to Join 1xBet

Given the platform’s popularity, its number of features, the sheer amount of sports to wager on, and pretty good odds, it’s no surprise that you might want to join it. While our article focuses on the process of deleting the profile, we might as well include information on creating one.

The registration process on 1xBet Nigeria doesn’t include many steps; you can complete it within minutes. There are no hidden caveats either; just follow simple rules such as not lying about your age and being ready to verify your account when needed. If you want to get more information about 1xBet Nigeria registration and get all of the steps explained in detail, check out our dedicated article on the matter.

Preparation for Deleting

1xBet Preparation for Deleting

Before you delete your profile, no matter whether temporary or permanent, there are plenty of things to keep in mind. Some of those will depend on the reason why you’re removing the account, while others are important in any situation. In the next sections, we will take a look at them.

Important Nuances Before Deleting

Let’s take a look at the things you have to consider before you go with removing your presence from 1xBet.

  • Do you plan to remove it forever or just freeze it temporarily? Deleting forever involves a more complicated preparation process, although it’s usually important to keep the worst-case scenario in mind, even though the procedure is lengthier. Disabling the profile for some time is quite straightforward, but this will mean that you won’t be able to log in or make new accounts for the amount of time that you set.
  • Do you plan on saving your information? We will cover this more extensively in the next section, but evaluating how much you want to save is important.
  • Understand 1xBet rules for account deleting or freezing. They usually differ from platform to platform, so reading those specific to 1xBet is necessary. If you have any uncertainties, you can ask customer care service to explain what happens if you delete an account.
  • Understand the outcomes. Remember how things can turn out if you delete your account for some time or forever.

Saving Important Data Before You Delete the Account

We’ve already mentioned that saving your data before you remove the account is important. The reason is that you can’t recover it after permanently deleting the account. Now, let’s check out what you can save and how.

  • Betting history. Unfortunately, 1xBet doesn’t allow you to download your entire wagering history automatically, but you can try to screenshot or copy the text part of the history manually. 
  • Financial information. You usually have access to it without the platform, so you might as well remove it, especially if you’re not planning to recover the profile.

The Steps for Account Removal

1xBet The Steps for Account Removal

Deleting your 1xBet account is quite easy and straightforward. The preparation steps we’ve covered in the previous section are much more complicated. Now, let’s take a look at how to delete your 1xBet profile and each stage of the procedure.

Log in

This is obvious. Go to the website or run the app. Then sign in if you’re not logged in at the moment.

Contact Customer Care

The only way to remove your account from 1xBet is by asking the customer care service to delete it. So, your next step involves finding the “Contacts” button on the website or in the app.

You can use live chat or email to request the deletion process. If you go with the email option, then make your subject “Request to delete my account.” You can ask for temporary freezing or for long-term removal. 

Confirm Deleting

After you request that your account be deleted, the customer care team might ask you to confirm this. Agree, if you’re sure. They will also ask you to verify your identity by sending the documents. Do it as well.

What Happens After I Delete the Account?

1xBet What Happens After I Delete the Account?

Of course, if you plan to remove your profile, you must look at the outcomes and consequences. Yes, even if you’re removing it permanently. We plan to check out these things in the next few sections.

Possible Outcomes and Limitations

If you want to freeze your account for some time, you must select the amount of time the profile will remain restricted instead of deleting it altogether. This also means you couldn’t create new ones during that time since the rules don’t allow for it. There will be no way to access it, so keep this in mind.

Account Recovery

If you temporarily disable your account, you can simply recover it after the time limit. If you delete it permanently, then things get more tricky. You can ask customer support service whether you can make a new account. So far, it seems possible, but remember that all your old information will be lost.

Pros and Cons of Deleting an Account

Account removal is a serious step that has its pros and cons. Obviously, there are usually significant reasons for doing it or even entertaining a thought, but there’s another side to things. Let’s look at all the advantages and disadvantages.

  • If betting causes issues such as gambling addiction, the situation is overall beneficial for you
  • It’s easy to recover an account or create a new one if you ever change your mind
  • You receive all of your funds in full
  • If you delete your account permanently, then you need to start from scratch
  • You will lose all information after deleting the profile permanently
  • You can’t create new accounts or register if you asked to disable your account temporarily. The company will block all of your attempts


1xbet Conclusion

You might have enjoyed betting or the platform you were using in particular, but sometimes, it’s time to say goodbye. The reasons might vary, but you likely have those even if you’re entertaining the thought. The majority of platforms provide a straightforward way to remove your account.

And 1xBet isn’t an exception. Everything is clear and easy to use. Even the preparation steps, which usually are lengthier than the removal itself, are quite simple. What’s even more important is that you have two options: temporarily freezing the account or deleting it permanently. In this article, we looked at all the methods and described the steps to go through to close or deactivate your account.


Can I have two accounts on 1xBet?

No, you can’t have two active accounts on 1xBet. The same is true for all betting platforms. It’s actually one of the most important and clearly stated rules. But obviously, you can open another account after removing your previous one for good.

How do I open another 1xBet account?

If you permanently removed your previous account, you can easily create a new one if needed. It usually goes as a regular registration process with all the simple steps involved.

Which country owns 1xBet?

1xBet is registered in Cyprus.

How do I permanently delete my 1xBet ID?

Compose a letter for the company’s customer care service or contact it directly via live chat. Ask them to delete a 1xBet account permanently. Confirm that you agree and provide verification if needed.

Is it safe to use 1xBet?

Yes, the platform is safe and legal. It also holds an official local betting and gambling license in Nigeria.
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