How to Bet on BetKing: Booking Codes & More

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Are you familiar with online betting on BetKing? Well, that is what we are going to discuss in the article. New players find it difficult to place bets. Today many online bookmakers, including the BetKing company, strive to offer a better service with intuitive navigation and a convenient layout. That is why especially for our readers, we made a sufficient guide on how to bet on BetKing. 

How to Place a Stake on BetKing

How to Place a Stake on BetKing

Finally, we can start betting on the BetKing platform. It is worth mentioning that it is one of the most convenient and intuitively easy websites to place stakes. Its layout was developed the way many online gaming resources are created.

The list of spots is usually located on the left navigation panel, and the bet slip, where you would place your stakes, is on the right. The middle of the screen contains descriptions of various tournaments, competitions, and matches. The bookmaker allows players to make stakes via:

  • Portable devices like tablets or smartphones
  • Desktop and mobile websites. 
  • In the betting shops

So, how to bet on BetKing? Punters can make ante-post, live and pre-match bets.  Besides, it is also possible to book a bet if you do not plan to use it now. Let’s learn more about it in the following part of the article.

Wagering on the Website

Betting on the website via Google or any other browser is quite widespread among Nigerian players. Some of them prefer to place stakes in the relaxed and calm atmosphere of their cozy homes and see the action on the big screen. And our instructions were created specifically for fans of PC betting.

BetKing Wagering on the Website

Authorize on the Site

Sign in to your profile page on the official website using your password and phone number.

Pick the Games to Play

Look through the different sports, countries, and tournaments and select events to wager on.

Activate Your Bet Slip

Make as many pickings as you need, choose the markets, and click the odds to open your bet slip.

Confirm Your Wager

Insert your stake amount, select “Proceed,” and confirm your wager by clicking on the respective button.

Betting in the App

Wagering via the app is mainstream in Nigeria. It is fast, convenient, and does not require any heavy equipment. Carry your entertainment inside your pocket. So to place or book a BetKing bet, stick to the instructions below.

BetKing Betting in the App

Head for Sports

Open your BetKing app, sign into your account, and go to the sports offerings.

Check for Options

Tap on the selected sporting events to check the markets and odds accessible.

Create Your Ticket

Click on the odds to open your ticket. Submit it or tap “Book” to bet later.

How to Confirm Your Bet?

Many leading Nigerian online bookmakers provide several options for how their punters can confirm their stakes. It is possible to do it on the website or via the app that we described above. Such options are perfect for live betting. So what are you need to plan ahead? Simply use the booking option.

It is vital to mention that booking a bet does not mean you have confirmed it. You create a combination for the upcoming match or game and do not wish to lose that combo you think is a hundred percent win. Then simply book your bet and use it later. You receive a generated BetKing booking code. When it is time, insert the BetKing code number into the corresponding field on your bet slip and confirm your bet.

Another option how you can confirm your stake is an old school. You can go to the betting shop and place your stake there. You will receive an actual ticket and can check if some of the bets won later.

Keep in mind that punters may face situations when some of the confirmed bets can be void. It can happen if there is an abandoned match in BetKing. It is a game that was postponed for more than 24 hours. In that case, even a confirmed bet can be canceled.

How to Select an Event?

When you visit an official website or open your app on your smartphone, you first log into your account, then proceed to the sports section. The Betking platform is full of choices, and punters can select classic sports types or eSporting and virtual events.

If you wish to check special events or the ones with higher odds, the bookmaker has dedicated sections on the sports panel:

  • Odds Boost
  • Special Offer
  • Special Events
  • Basketball Player Specials
  • King’s Combo etc.

Click on each section to see a list of available BetKing sporting online games. Click on the preferable one to see the odds and markets. Some of the international events are even ranged by country.

How to Identify the Size of Your Bet?

That is a problem that bothers many newbies. It is up to you what amount to wager. However, you should remember the requirements of the bookmaker, who states the minimum possible stake sum. BetKing sets 100 NGN as the minimum betting amount.

Many professionals try different proven and new strategies regarding different betting aspects, like the team’s popularity, the event’s significance, the weather, and others. Some of the legendary strategies have existed for many years. This one ensures punters that increasing the stake each time your bet loses is wise. Others rely on statistics.

The BetKing bookie has a calculator integrated into the bet slip. It allows checking all numbers before you agree to place a stake. For example, if you decide to bet 200 NGN, at the bottom of the ticket, you will see the possible winning if your selection turns out correct. 

Instructions on How to Start Betting on BetKing

Instructions on How to Start Betting on BetKing

Each bookmaker provides rules and requirements that you must comply with to start wagering on the website. If you visit the BetKing official website, you can get familiar with them in the Terms and Conditions section. 

To join the platform, you should register. The process has a list of rules describing who can become a bettor on the KingBet website. Check them in the list below:

  1. Only players of legal age can create an account on the website. For Nigeria, the legal age is 18 years old. If you are younger, you cannot participate in online or standard offline betting activities in any way.
  2. Each new user should submit only true information about themselves. If you decide to indicate some vague or false personal data, you will have problems with future withdrawals of your winnings.
  3. Do not try to create more than one account. It is strictly forbidden to double your accounts. 

If users violate any of the rules, their accounts will be suspended or blocked. Depending on the level of your violation, you can lose the ability to join the BetKing platform at all. Keep reading to learn more about betting on the platform in our BetKing review.

How to Sign up on BetKing

You can create an account on the BetKing website. The procedure requires a minimum of your time. However, it requests only proven personal data from the user. Here is our short but helpful guide on how you can sign up.

How to Sign up on BetKing

Open the Signup Form

Go to the website, locate the “Join Now” button at the top right, and click on it.

Start Filling It out

Type your phone number, make up a password, and input your full name.

Complete the Form

Add other details as required and accept the bookmaker’s T&C and newsletter.

Enter an OTP Code

Receive a 4-digit OTP code to your phone and enter the code in the special field.

If you did not receive a code, write to the support unit to clarify the problem. If everything was completed, we could congratulate you. Now you are a registered BetKing player. Let’s see what’s next.

How to Verify Your Account

The verification process is also called a KYC procedure. Each online bookmaker cares about the security and safety of users registering their accounts on that platform. One of the purposes of KYC verification is to confirm the identity of the user who will be withdrawing the winnings and prevent money laundering. Here’s how you can verify your BetKing account.

Punters need to submit the required documents to prove their identity. Before you proceed to the KYC, you should confirm your mobile phone:

  1. The bookmaker will send you a message containing the 4-digit code. 
  2. Indicate it to the corresponding field, and you are done. 

Then, it is preferable that each punter can pass the KYC procedure right after creating the account. For that, you need to do the following actions:

  1. Enter your profile page and find the verification link.
  2. Click on it to be redirected to a new page.
  3. Indicate your mobile phone and follow the instructions as you confirm each step.
  4. Provide a photo of your driver’s license, ID, and other suitable documents.

The bookie’s support team will process your verification in several hours. If everything is correct and confirmed, you will receive a message. Now you can withdraw the winnings without any delays.

How to Fund BetKing Account

The bookmaker provides several funding options for Nigerian players, from bank transfers to payment systems like Interswitch. To credit the betting balance, punters should create an account and fulfill the required actions.

How to Fund BetKing Account

Visit the Platform

Go to the betting platform, sign in, and head to the “Payments” section.

Opt for the Method

Pick your payment method and update the details if necessary.

Make Your Deposit

Enter the amount of your deposit and confirm the transaction.

Players can select any preferred option offered by the bookie. However, pay attention to fees, processing speed, and limits.  Each financial organization has requirements that might differ.

Different Ways to Credit the Account

First of all, punters can replenish their balances in several ways:

  • Mobile Website
  • App
  • Full website version

The procedure is simple on any of the devices and takes several minutes. However, in case of errors and other problems, it is better to write to customer care. Punters can send money via:

  • Bank transfer
  • Mobile money
  • ATM
  • Electronic systems
  • Bank office transfer

Many options require a 100 NGN fee; only Paydirect allows chargeless transfers. The limits are quite generous and reach up to 10,000,000 NGN. Your betting account will be credited immediately after receiving an SMS informing you about the successful transaction.

Types of Bet

BetKing Types of Bet

Another step before you confirm the bet is to select its type. Everybody knows about single bets. It is the kind that includes only betting on one particular event in the game. The number of such bets, according to BetKing, can reach up to 40 per ticket. It is easy and comprehensible, but what about more complex bets?

The bookmaker offers three types of stakes for all registered Nigerian players:

  • Single
  • Multi-bet
  • Combo bet

The last two definitely refer to what professional bettors call complex stakes. The multi-bet is a type of stake that includes several selections, and for such a bet to win, all that selections must be correct. Such a type has different names but carries the same description. The multi-bet is also known as a system or parley bet. 

A combo bet on BetKing is another type of complex stake. It also contains many predictions of various outcomes. But, if some of the predictions failed, your bet would still have some chance of winning. 

Available Sports

BetKing Available Sports

The BetKing platform offers numerous sports, from widely trendy to less prominent kinds. Players from Nigeria can bet on the following:

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Ice Hockey
  • Cycling
  • Volleyball
  • eSports
  • Baseball etc.

Each of the offered sports contains hundreds of games. It opens almost unlimited betting opportunities to Nigerian punters.

How to Use BetKing Bonuses? 

How to Use BetKing Bonuses? 

The BetKing platform provides multiple in-shop promotions for bettors who use the app and wager on the website or even in the ground betting shop. Players can acquire such free rewards if they comply with the requirements of a particular promotion.

The bonuses are considered free gifts from the bookmaker. It is impossible to withdraw them, but you can take out the winnings that you earned by wagering with these free bets and other cashback money. The only type that can be received is a jackpot reward.

BetKing Bonus Types

The bookmaker has some attractive bonus deals for newbies and loyal bettors. Bonuses may be granted in the form of coupons, free bets, cashback, and others. The most trending offers are:

  • 5x cashback up to 50%
  • Accumulator bonus up to 225%
  • Kingmaker jackpot
  • Fantasy-mix promo
  • In-play cash-out promotion.

Some of the offers are suitable only for newly registered players, as the 5x cashback is. Others are available to all the regular punters. 

How to Claim Bonuses

To receive your freebie, you’re obliged to make deposits, then wager the money the stated number of times, fund your account on a particular day, and many other requirements. When you comply with these rules, your coupons will be redeemed, free bets wagered, and cashback will automatically appear on your balance.

Bonus Use Requirements

Each offer has its personal description where the bookmaker explains the conditions and rules of how players can use them. One of the major rules is that players cannot withdraw their free rewards. They have to use them for further betting.

Punters must also remember that the number of matches they can use for the rewards can also be limited. It is absolutely vital to read the rules. Besides, such promotions may also include certain minimum betting amounts.

How to Withdraw Funds From BetKing

How to Withdraw Funds From BetKing

The platform has a wonderful choice of payment methods. The platform works with many local Nigerian banks and financial organizations. You can get your money in 24 hours. Here are the major instructions on how you can do it.

How to Withdraw Funds From BetKing

Hit the Platform

Arrive at the BetKing platform and log in to your player account.

Select Withdraw

Go to the “Withdrawals” section and select the way to withdraw.

Specify Details

Input your amount and bank details and confirm the transaction.

It is vital to use the same payment data you indicated for deposits. It is a bookmaker’s security precaution to avoid any fraud and money laundering. If anything goes wrong, you should apply to customer care.

Tips For Newbies

betKing Tips For Newbies

If you are new to betting or to BetKing, here are the tips we would like to share with you so your wagering becomes more successful and brings no harm to your mental state:

  1. Learn to budget.
  2. Track time.
  3. Explore live betting.
  4. Read the sports section.
  5. Keep attention to the weather.

Many professional bettors are very disciplined, so they always do their routine and add some new strategies very slowly to it. They read a lot of news to keep track of the events inside their favorite teams. If you know how to manage your finances and money, we have no more advice for you at the current stage.

Most Common Mistakes New Players Make

We watched the behavior of new players and acquired some engaging materials about that. One of the top mistakes that newbies make is hasty betting. Never surrender to your emotions. Your head must be cool to think straight. If you feel anger or other emotions, it is a sure sign you need to stop, take a deep breath and ask yourself if you are making the right choice.

Another obvious mistake is a lack of knowledge. If you plan to succeed, you need to read a lot. Check all the latest strategies, tactics, news, and tips from experts in the field. A huge diversity of sports, events, and markets can confuse any beginner. Focus on several teams and analyze their games, players’ tactics, and other viable aspects.


betKing Conclusion

It is time to reveal our final thoughts. The BetKing platform is an excellent place to wager. It provides a convenient interface, a massive number of sports and games, nice odds, cashout and booking features, and relatively fast payouts. It would not take long for a newbie to understand how to bet on the platform. In case of any confusion, it is always possible to contact customer support.


How do I place a bet on BetKing with the code?

Use your code number to insert it into the corresponding field on your betting slip. Once you activate it, your bet will be displayed on the ticket.

How do you win or draw in BetKing?

You should place a bet on any event and select the 1×2 market. Bet on X, which means a draw, or on the first or second team to win.

Can I withdraw 1000 from BetKing?

Yes, it is the smallest allowed sum for payout.

Which bank is BetKing using?

BetKing cooperates with many Nigerian banks, known for their reliability and safety. The list includes Zenith Bank, GTBank, Access Bank, and many others.

Is BetKing only in Nigeria?

The platform is available in four African countries: Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and Ethiopia.
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