How to Bet on Parimatch in Nigeria?

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When you create a Parimatch account, the very first thing you are eager to start is wagering. But what is your experience? Obviously, if that is not your first bookmaker, you know something about sports betting and may not be interested in the article that was thoroughly prepared under the supervision of our expert team.

However, each bookmaker has its perks and downsides, different variety of sporting events, markets, and even bet types. If you wish to receive quality information about how to bet on Parimatch, keep reading.

Short Parimatch Review

Parimatch Short Parimatch Review

The Parimatch platform is a betting company that offers its online services to Nigerian punters on legal grounds. It can be confirmed by the license from the National Lottery Regulatory Commission. Besides the legal side of the company, it has other beneficial features Nigerian players will be interested in.

The platform provides its users with around-the-clock support and access to the portal, where users can play casino games, bet on sporting events, fund their accounts via convenient methods, and receive their winnings. If you are interested in the company and each of the aspects of the bookie, read all that in our Parimatch review.

How to Bet on Sport

Parimatch How to Bet on Sport

Parimatch provides signed-up punters with 20+ sports to wager, from soccer to eSports. Besides, bettors can access the Parimatch platform and place stakes via a standard desktop website or via an app. Both versions are functional and contain all the options and sporting events. Any bettor can select what is suitable for them. Keep reading to see how you can do it.

Via a Website

One of the basic ways to bet is to use a standard bookmaker’s site. Some punters prefer this option because they find it convenient to observe everything on a laptop screen. To start, you need to fulfill the following actions.

How to Bet on Sport Via a Website Parimatch

Step 1

Open the Parimatch portal and log in or register. Then check if you have funds on the balance. If everything is okay, open the sports section and proceed to the next step.

Step 2

Select the sports type. Explore each sport’s sections, like the top leagues and events, so you do not need to spend time searching. Select a game and a market. Make one or more predictions.

Step 3

Add your selections to your bet slip. You can see it on the right side of the page, and in case you change your mind, you can correct the ticket by removing your bets. Finally, indicate the amount you wish to bet based on the minimum requirements.

Via a Mobile App

Another convenient option to bet is to download an official Parimatch application. You can obtain it from the official bookie’s website only. Let’s see how you can place a stake.

How to Bet on Sport Via a app Parimatch

Step 1

Take your device and tap on the Parimatch icon. When the app is open, log into your account or pass the registration procedure to create one. Afterwards, check if you have enough money on the balance.

Step 2

Open the sports section to select the type and the competition. When you are done, tap on the game to open the markets and see the odds. Make your selections, and add them to your bet slip.

Step 3

See if you like all the predictions and your ticket does not need any corrections. Then indicate the bet amount and confirm your choice.

Types of Bets

Parimatch Types of Bets

Each bookmaker has a set of valid bet types that users can build. Parimatch provides them with some common choices, from singles to accumulators. Punters can pick whatever bets and markets they like based on their proposed choices and experience. Let’s observe these betting components one by one starting from the bet types.

Single Bet

A single bet is the most basic type that is available on any online sports betting platform. It contains one outcome selection that was made with any offered betting market. For instance, you decided to pick a 1×2 market and bet on the home team to win with particular odds. Thus your prediction will include 1 plus the odds. You need to add it to your ticket and place your amount. Done!

Such a type is widely preferred by newbies. It has clear rules and no complex calculations. Therefore, it is a truly nice bet to start. Punters can wager with smaller sums here. However, the stakes like this cannot promise high odds and big prizes.


A multibet is a more complicated combination that consists of several selections. It is more suitable for professional bettors who understand how to build it correctly. A multibet has other names, such as ParlayBet or Accumulator bet.

Such type allows punters to place several single bets and combine them into one prediction. When you learn how to make such a bet, you will activate one of the wonderful opportunities to increase your odds.  However, the tricky part of this type is that the whole combination loses if any of your selections inside this bet fails. 

Available Sport Types to Bet

Parimatch Available Sport Types to Bet

As we already said, the bookmaker has over 20 types of sports and even more sporting events. Punters are free to choose any of them, from football to darts. Punters are not limited to choices. Each sport will show you an array of markets and odds when you click on a game.

Sports Betting Recommendations

Parimatch Sports Betting Recommendations

It is a hard task to make a correct prediction. In gambling, you can calculate the algorithm used by the machine, but with real games, it seems more difficult. This section of the article is devoted to some tips from expert bettors. See and grab the ones you find handy for free.

Identifying Favorites and Underdogs

Proper analysis of teams and games played by them is one of the top aspects that can help you understand who the underdogs are and which teams are match favorites. It is vital information that helps you to assess each team correctly before the match. Therefore, your bets will be more successful.

Learn About Spreads

Spread betting is a type of wagering on the outcome of an event, where the win depends on the accuracy of the bet rather than a simple “win or lose” outcome, such as fixed odds bets or parlay bets. The bookmaker states a payline or a spread where one team should prevail over another with +1,5 or more goals. Spreads are similar to the handicap market, where punters can also give a weaker team plus 1 or more goals to equalize their chances of winning.

Knowing What a Payline Is

The payline is usually set by the bookie. So, what is it in sports betting? It includes the odds that the bookmaker’s office gives on the outcomes of the betting market and, at the same time, the sports events offered for betting. If the bookmaker offers multiple sporting events within 1 sport type, it is called a broad payline. 

Retrieving More Information About the Odds

When you see the odds offered by the bookmaker, you better understand why they are that low or high. Explore the game, its participants, and their chances to win. Compare the odds for the same game on other betting portals. Know how you can increase your odds. One of the ways to do it is to place a multibet. However, it might be risky for newbies.

Basic Newbies’ Mistakes

When you only start wagering on sporting events, there is a high chance your bets will fail. To improve that, try to analyze previous games and circumstances. If you have no time, try to read expert blogs and articles or check the websites that make prognoses.

How to Place a Successful Bet on Parimatch

How to Place a Successful Bet on Parimatch

Parimatch provides many tools for comfortable and successful betting. Punters have a variety of markets and sports to bet on. However, not each punter is capable of winning big. To become victorious, you need to have some experience that can be retrieved via constant betting.

Pay more attention to your favorite sports type. Explore the players and team. Read more about their games and see the statistics. The Internet is full of websites dedicated to soccer, for instance. There you can grab some vital information that can influence your decision while placing a stake.

However, other basic rules can enhance your betting performance and keep you away from addiction and impulsive actions:

  1. Discipline yourself. Never spend more time betting than you planned. Always make bets with a cold mind.
  2. Set a budget. Never exceed the sum you decide to spend on sports wagering.
  3. Try various strategies. The global web knows tons of famous and proven betting tactics. Read about them and diversify your performance.

Summing Up

Parimatch Summing Up

Parimatch is an excellent portal where you can place stakes on sport and receive your winnings fast. Punters need to register to gain access to all the options and tools the portal offers. See the range of markets and odds a bookmaker provides for each game and make your choices via a laptop or any mobile device that is connected to the Internet.

Players need to comply with the minimum stake rules to start wagering on the platform without any problems. However, in case they occur, it is easy to contact support that works all the time.


Can I place accumulator bets on Parimatch?

Sure, any signed-up player can build an accumulator bet if you know how to do it.

How does Parimatch calculate my expected earnings?

Your winnings are calculated automatically based on the number of selections added to a bet slip and their odds. You can see the whole win at the bottom of your ticket before you decide to confirm your stakes.

Can you play at Parimatch using a handheld device?

You can easily bet via your phone or a tablet. The platform is fully compatible with any portable device, so the quality and number of options stay as if you were betting from the desktop site.

How to check if Parimatch offers the betting section I want?

You can visit its official Nigerian website and explore all the sports options the bookmaker provides.

How do you win on Parimatch?

To win on the platform, you need to make a successful bet. Grab tips from more experienced bettors. For example, try a live betting regime.
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