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Among Nigerian sportsbooks, only a few ones standout as providers of excellent service and 1xBet is most certainly one of those. It not only boasts a wide array of bonuses and promos, lots and lots of sports markets and splendid odds with an excellent reputation to boot, oh no. 1xBet also brings a superb app to the table which is going to be the topic of our discussion today.

And in case you’d like a full 1xBet review, simply take a look at our more general piece all about 1xBet.

1xBet Application and Mobile Version

While on your mobile gadget, you may play at 1xBet in more than one way. As we have already mentioned, you can download the 1xBet betting application and play there but in case you can’t or don’t really want to, you may also play using a mobile web version.

Main Features

Although the platform boasts quite a number of incredible features, we have decided to talk about three of them that we think are most deserving of that.

Live Betting

Isn’t it always so unfortunate, when you’ve had no time to place a bet on a team you desperately wanted to wager on? Well, with live betting, you won’t have to experience this ever again. It allows you to place bets on games during their course, whereas without such a feature, you’d be forced to skip the match. You are now capable of making a wager just at the right moment to win it big and win it all.

First Deposit Mega-Bonus

Getting free stuff is also always great, this is precisely why the welcome bonus offered by the platform matters so much. On 1xBet it is truly massive, 300% to your first deposit upwards of around 146.000 Naira on bets and 150 free spins for the casino.

Hyper Bonus Promotion

It is also nice to get more results out of something you’re good at. This is why the 1000% guaranteed win bonus is one of the biggest features of 1xBet. Imagine, you simply place bets like usual but win 1000 times more! Sounds great, isn’t it?

How Can I Download and Setup the App?

1Xbet How Can I Download and Setup the App?

Since there are three versions of the app you can download, one for Android, PC and iOS, the downloading process will vary among them significantly. Let us take a look at each available version separately.

iOS App

First, let’s talk about the iOS app. It is greatly optimized and runs quite smoothly, as expected from a sportsbook of such caliber.


There are only two prerequisites to download the app. First, your device should operate the iOS 14.0 or higher and have around 200 megabytes of empty storage.

Detailed Installation Instruction

It is unbelievably easy to install the app on iOS, simply:

Go to 1xBet

Take your phone, launch the 1xBet webpage, and scroll all the way down the page until you see the “Apps” section.

Be Redirected to the AppStore

Tap on the iOS icon. You will then be directed to the App Store page.

Download and Install the App

Press download and wait for the application to be installed.

When all is set and done, log into your profile by doing this:

  1. Launch the application.
  2. Type in your login and password inside the designated fields.
  3. Press “Login.”
  4. Done.

Android App

Now let us take a look at the procedure from the Android side of things.


Your device must run Android 10.0 or higher and have around 220 megabytes of free storage space.

Detailed Installation Instruction

Here is a quick guide that you can use to install the application.

Launch the 1xBet Website

Pick up your phone and launch the 1xBet webpage. In the header of the page, look for the “Apps” section.

Download the App

Tap on the Android icon. You will then be redirected to the download page. Tap on the “Android” button here.

Install and Launch the Application

The .apk file will be downloaded on your phone. Once it is done, an installation window will appear. In it, select “Allow installation from the unknown source.” Wait for the installation to finish.

Now all you have to do to finally start betting is to login.

  1. Launch the application.
  2. Type in your login and password inside the designated fields.
  3. Press “Login.”
  4. Done.

Desktop Application

Finally, let us talk about the PC app or rather apps because there are actually several of them available. The company is among the few ones who actually possess such an app and not only for Windows but for the MacOS as well.

Detailed Installation Instruction for PC

Getting an app on your desktop computer is as easy as a pie.

  1. Open up the 1xBet webpage.
  2. Scroll all the way down the page until you see the “Apps” section.
  3. Tap on the “Windows.”
  4. You will then be redirected to the download page, here you can pick from every desktop app the bookmaker has to offer.

The App and the Web Version Comparison

To be fair, the differences between the versions are mostly cosmetic more than they are substantial. The app is more convenient on the go and a bit more well-optimized. On the other hand, the web versions, both mobile and desktop are better in case you have a device which is on the weaker side when it comes to its specifications.

Detailed Review of the App

Let us digress for a moment and move away from guides and instructions to focus on the things that actually make the application as good as it is.

Functions & Interface

Functionally, as we have mentioned previously, the app is virtually identical to the web version but there are some noticeable improvements when it comes to the interface. It is highly subjective of course and we are not UI designers to tell you exactly why but the interface of the app just feels better, less clauted.


In terms of usability, the app is running smoothly and is quite comfortable. You’ve got all the tabs you need right on the front page and finding the other sections usually takes no more than a couple of seconds.

Ups and Downs

Finally, let us present you with a table, containing, in our humble opinion, all of the upsides as well as downsides of the app.

  • Well-designed and optimized
  • Nice odds
  • Massive amount of bonuses
  • Uses quite a bit of storage space
  • Requires good connection

Bonuses Within the App

1XBet Bonuses Within the App

1xBet does not discriminate and no matter on which device you’re using it, be it a smartphone, tablet, web, desktop, you are going to be eligible for exactly the same bonuses and promos, such as Lucky Day, 200% Winnings or Hyper.

Options of Payment

When it comes to methods in which you are able to pay, the app also does not really differ from the web version.

Options of Deposit

For deposit you may use Visa, Mastercard, Payer, Perfect Money, and Paysafe.

Options of Withdrawal

For withdrawal the options are identical to those in the section above.

Customer Support

In case you have encountered any sort of issue while using the application, do not hesitate to get in touch with the specialist from the 1xBet customer care service. You may contact them through telephone, live-chat or an email.

info-en@1xbet-team.com 08000077777

In Conclusion

In our opinion, 1xBet has one of the best sports betting applications in the whole country of Nigeria. It is good-looking, stylish and most importantly very much easyto handle. Overall, a great choice for a betting app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does 1xBet possess an application?

It does so!

How to login to 1xBet on an app?

It is fairly easy, you may read about how to login to 1xBet account above, within the guides section of the article.

How do I register and play 1xBet?

You may read all about 1xBet Nigeria registration in our article just on that.

Is 1xBet available on the Apple Store?

It totally is!

How can I use 1xBet on a desktop?

You may either do so through your web browser or download a dedicated app.

How to get started on1xBet?

Well, you should sign up first which you may do on the 1xBet homepage.
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