Cash Out Feature at Bet9ja in Nigeria

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How to Cash Out on Bet9ja in Nigeria

After going online, betting started evolving much faster than it used to. More options, more functions, flexible markets, and versatile customization are just some examples of such evolution. New features also appear constantly, especially the “live” ones that can provide a more exciting experience.

Cash out is one such feature that became extremely common with online wagering. It grants the punters more control over the possibility of winning and seeing the returns. This article will describe how the feature works on Bet9ja, a widely used Nigeria-based betting platform. We will provide detailed guides on using the function, look at its limits, and check the rules and how the bookmaker handles it. Enjoy the read!

What’s the Cash Out Feature on Bet9ja and How Does It Work?

What’s the Cash Out Feature on Bet9ja and How Does It Work?

The cash out function involves seeing the returns before the bet is settled. You simply cut your losses and receive your funds before you know the outcome, even though your reward will be smaller than in the case of a victory. It’s a great way to reduce the risks and turn a profit even when it doesn’t look like luck is on your side.

Bet9ja Cash Out Rules

The Bet9ja cash out policy isn’t overly complicated, but you better know certain things before you try using the feature. Here they are:

  1. You can use the cash out function with a bonus.
  2. Both pre-game and live versions of the feature are offered on the platform.
  3. There’s also the in-store cash out option. It follows the same rules and involves visiting a physical branch and giving your coupon to the worker. Similarly to the online version, the feature is available in the pre-match and in-game variants; the only difference is that you will have to do everything offline and take the coupon.

How to Use the Cash Out Feature?

Bet9ja How to Use the Cash Out Feature?

Using the cash out function is actually easier than it might initially seem. You’re always just a few clicks or taps away from seeing your returns. The only possible caveat is that the feature does not support all games and bets. In the paragraphs below, we will describe how to use it. 

Using the Cash Out Function on the Website

The desktop website is the main way to access the bookmaker and its features. While this version might lack the polish provided by the mobile version, it’s still easy to navigate, and the UI is relatively straightforward. The paragraphs below include the instruction for using the cash out feature on the desktop version.

Using the Cash Out Function on the Website

Log Into Your Account

This is easy: just enter your username and password.

Check for Cashouts

Go to “My Cashouts” and examine which bets have this option.

Pick the Bet to Close

Select the desired bet with activated cash out and click the button.

Confirm Your Cash Out

Confirm your request and get your money back on your wager right now.

Using the Cash Out Function in the Mobile App

Bad news: Bet9ja’s applications are unavailable from now on. You can still get all the benefits of cash out feature via the desktop or mobile version!

You can also use the feature to its fullest in the mobile application. Unfortunately, the program only exists for Android devices, but iPhone users and others can enjoy the mobile website with all the same features. The guides below can be applied to it too.

Using the Cash Out Function in the Mobile App

Log Into the App

This is done with a few taps. Just open the app and enter your username and password.

Look for Cashouts

Click on “My Bets” and check to see which wagers have the cash out option accessible.

Settle You Bet Now

Settle the bet by tapping the “Cash Out” button next to it and receive the returns on the wager.

How to Check the Availability of Cash Out on Bet9ja

How to Check the Availability of Cash Out on Bet9ja

In order to check whether the option is offered or unavailable, just click the “My Cashouts” button on the desktop or tap the “My Bets” one on the mobile app. The bets for the ongoing events are more likely to have the option present, although there’s no guarantee.

How to See When the Option Is Offered

Bet9ja How to See When the Option Is Offered

Of course, not all bets support the cash out option, but most of them do. It’s difficult to predict when the game will offer the feature, but popular ones usually have it offered, but there are chances when it’s unavailable. The surest way is to start with the bets for the events that are currently happening, although you can cash out even on the games that haven’t yet started.

The Withdrawal Limits on Bet9ja

The Withdrawal Limits on Bet9ja

Imagine you’ve managed to see the returns after cashing out. And what’s the next thing you want to know about? You’ll ask yourself: “How do I withdraw from Bet9ja?” But here’s the answer: you can see the funds on your account after using direct bank transfers. And what about the limits? The minimum one is just 1,000 NGN, and the maximum one is 10,000,000 NGN. The range is wide enough to meet the needs of the majority of punters: from complete beginners who can now participate in an activity without breaking the bank to professionals that might need to be able to withdraw significantly large funds.

Tips on Using the Cash Out Function at Bet9ja

Tips on Using the Cash Out Function at Bet9ja

It’s better to keep some things in mind before cashing out. While it’s obviously safe, as it was designed to cut the risks, certain things can improve your experience with the function. In the paragraph below, we will describe such things in detail.

Recommendations for Using the Cash Out Feature

If you plan to actively use the cashing out option as a part of your strategy or if you see things taking a turn that will leave you without money, here are some tips you should keep in mind.

  1. The returns are proportional to your chances of winning. This is the main part of the policy. Don’t expect to profit significantly if things go downhill during the game.
  2. Don’t hesitate to use the feature if things look like you will lose. Of course, there can always be a minuscule chance that the course of the game will change in a few minutes, but the chances are usually low.


Bet9ja Conclusion

Betting platforms can surprise us with some inventive and helpful features. Cashing out your stake before the bet is settled is among those: it gives you more control and allows you to reduce risks. Combine it with other live features, such as in-play wagering and streaming, and the betting experience becomes thrilling and immersive. 

In this article, we’ve covered everything related to how Bet9ja handles the cash out feature. We described how to use it on both the desktop website and mobile app, provided tips, explained the rules, and gave the answers to the most common questions. This text can be extremely helpful to newcomers, although we think it might make some things clear even for relatively experienced punters.

If you want to learn more about the bookmaker, check out our other Bet9ja reviews. They cover several aspects of the platform, from depositing to other specific features such as the Cut One. We also have the main article that provides an overall description of the platform and its main capabilities.


Does the platform have an app?

Yes, of course! But unfortunately, the Bet9ja official app is only offered for Android devices. The iOS version doesn’t exist yet. iPhone users and those unwilling to get the app on their Android smartphone can use the mobile website, which is also very convenient.

How long does it take to withdraw funds from Bet9ja?

All of the payments are processed within 2 working days on average. It may take longer on holidays and weekends.

How can I withdraw my money from Bet9ja?

You can receive your funds from the platform by using direct bank transfers. The technology supports all of the main banks in Nigeria, so you don’t have to worry about it.

What is the highest payout in Bet9Ja?

The maximum payout is 40,000,000 NGN for both sports betting and casino games. The minimum isn’t specified.

How to convert the Bet9ja bonus to real money?

Bonuses cannot be used for being withdrawn directly; you have to wager them first.

Is there a partnership program?

Yes, the Bet9ja affiliate program exists, and you can become a bookmaker’s partner for free.

How to calculate cash out in Bet9ja?

The platform will calculate everything itself. While the exact formula isn’t mentioned anywhere, generally, the feature works in such a manner that follows a simple rule: the higher your chances of winning, the bigger the cashing out on Bet9ja will be. It can be great if you use it just to reduce the risks, but remember that the profits won’t be impressive if it’s clear that you’re losing. Still, it’s great that you can have such control over your betting process.
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