SportyBet App: Download and Installation

Table of Content

  • Mobile App Characteristics
  • How to Download the App
  • The Old Application
  • Mobile App vs Mobile Version
  • Bonuses in the App
  • Ups and Downs of the Application
  • Conclusion
  • FAQ
  • Sports are an important part of the Nigerian way of life, and sports betting has become an important part of the sports culture. That’s what SportyBet thought of when designing its online sportsbook. SportyBet is a well-known company in Nigeria that has gained the trust of many Nigerian users and is now in the top five leading sports staking organizations. One of the most appealing features that SportyBet grants its users with is the possibility to access the platform wherever they are via the mobile app. In this article, we will give you a quick tour around this function and introduce you to the app.

    Mobile App Characteristics

    What is so interesting about SportyBet’s app? First, it’s important to mention that SportyBet Nigeria has developed its app to make the members of the platform feel more at ease with the sportsbook and its navigation. It is undoubtedly very smooth and handy; it allows the users to have access to the functions of the webpage on their gadgets and place bets on their preferred sports wherever they are.

    Mobile Features

    The main functions are quite the same as those on the site; it is possible to wager on events, and have access to other promos and bonuses.

    • Notifications for your preferred events
    • The Flex Bet
    • Bonus for joining
    • Very lightweight application
    • Quick money transfers
    • Very practical interface
    • Totally free

    Some of those features should draw your attention; they are proposed exclusively by the app, which means that they’re not accessible via the site. Let’s take a look at some of their characteristics in the following sections.


    If you activate the notifications for SportyBet on your gadget, you have the possibility to receive pop-up alerts on your winning bets and also on ending events. You will always be up-to-date and never miss the good news!

    The Flex Bet

    The Flexible Bet function is accessible only for Multiple Bets but may be used for both Pre-Match and Live Betting. A bet can be won only if a particular amount of the choices are correct.

    Very Lightweight App

    The app developed by SportyBet is made in favor of the performance which means that its speed capacity is considerable, and its interface provides very smooth navigation. Forget about the breakdowns and glitches, and enjoy your mobile experience fully!

    Usability and Impression

    It’s important to remark that the SportyBet application is very attractive and catchy. Its beautiful red icon is very pleasing to the eye and immediately attracts the attention of users. SportyBet went for a red and black color pattern that matches perfectly with the sportsbook webpage. The navigation through the app doesn’t require much effort, it is very fluid and neat and thanks to the app being very light the usability is fast, and without any glitches.

    How to Download the App

    Obtaining the app on your gadget is easier than ever! Open the official bookie’s website and navigate to “App” at the top of the red panel. To proceed, it will be necessary to pick the operating system of your device. Let’s check the different methods for both iOS and Android.

    Android Version

    The sportsbook application may be obtained for Android. It is procurable via the official site and is totally free.

    System Requirements for Android Users

    Beware that the app is accessible for Android 5.0 or higher users. If you have a device with Android 4.x it will be necessary to check the link under the downloading button. Also, have a look at those necessary conditions:

    ⚽ Free space of minimum 14MB

    ⚽ Installation space of 6MB

    Setup Guide

    1. Open the sportsbook site.
    2. Locate and tap on “App.”
    3. Select “Download Android for Free.”
    4. Locate the apk file on your gadget and install it.
    5. Enjoy!

    iOS Version

    The iOS version of the sportsbook is now accessible too! Beware that SportyBet demands its users to pass exclusively through its site in order to obtain the mobile app, it is not accessible directly from the AppStore.

    System Requirements for iOS Users

    In order to obtain the iOS app, it will be necessary to have a gadget with iOS 12 or later. The file size is 91.7MB.

    Setup Guide

    1. Open the sportsbook site.
    2. Locate and tap on “App.”
    3. Select “Download iOS for Free.”
    4. The AppStore page will open.
    5. Tap on “GET.”
    6. Wait for the process.
    7. You’re done!

    The Old Application

    The previous version of the sportsbook mobile app was quite neat but the new one is much more complete and effective. If you are struggling with obtaining the new version on your gadget it could be that your device is operating on an old version. Verify the system requirements before downloading.

    Mobile App vs Mobile Version

    SportyBet Mobile App vs Mobile Version

    The bookie’s app and online version are very similar but at the same time have some little differences. Both are very smooth, catchy and have a comfortable interface. It is fair to admit though that the mobile’s app performance is better than the webpage’s, also it is handy and allows the members of SportyBet to access the site wherever they are. Also, the application offers the function of sending pop-up alerts for winning events and notifying the users with ending events as well.

    Bonuses in the App

    SportyBet doesn’t propose any special bonus programs for installing the mobile app. However, you may check out SportyBet’s webpage for the availability of promos.

    Ups and Downs of the Application



    ✅ Handy and practical

    ❌ No special bonuses for downloading

    ✅ Good performance

    ❌ Can’t be used on older devices

    ✅ No glitches and breakdowns

    ❌ Downloadable only from webpage

    ✅ Easy to install

    ✅ Absolutely free


    To wind up our short evaluation of the bookie’s mobile app, we can definitely declare that SportyBet developed a very accessible and convenient software for its users. Its performance and speed makes the betting experience on the platform handy, fast, and without any breakdowns. Besides, it is now obtainable not only for Android users, but also for iOS and is absolutely free.

    In this article we covered most of the facts concerning the SportyBet app, but if you are still questioning yourself on some points have a look at the FAQ.


    SportyBet FAQ

    • Do I need BVN for SportyBet?

    Yep, it is necessary in order to verify your identity.

    • Is SportyBet app real?

    Of course! You may check it on the sportsbook’s webpage.

    • How do I log into my SportyBet account?

    To access your account fill in the corresponding gaps at the top of the webpage.

    • Is SportyBet App legal?

    SportyBet app is absolutely legal and authorized by LSL and NLRC.

    • Can you win money on SportyBet apps?

    Yes, you can.

    • How to use SportyBet app?

    To use the app it will be required to download it. Then you can just open it and enjoy.