Sportybet Balance Adder: What It Is And How to Download the Old Version

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Publication - Feb 01, 2024Changed - May 29, 2024

Have you ever wondered how earning more money on the Internet is possible via the betting platform? Well, recently, global web resources were filled with materials about the mysterious SportyBet Balance Adder software. Articles describe it, explain how to use it, and offer the app to other bettors under the sauce of profit.

The resources claim that this tool can help punters earn daily up to 100,000 Naira extra. Sounds shocking, right? Let’s learn more about how bettors can increase their winnings and withdraw more money from their accounts. Or is it fake?

Important note from the editorial team: SportyBet Balance Adder is a scam application. We highly recommend reading our review until the end and avoiding downloading this app.

SportyBet Platform Short Review

SportyBet Platform Short Review

SportyBet is one of Nigeria’s top popular local online betting platforms, with the main office in Nigeria. It allows users registered on the bookmaker’s website to bet on various sporting events, from soccer to cricket and virtuals to LoL and Dota2. 

All punters must pass the registration procedure to start betting on the website. The process is the same as with other wagering platforms. You log into your profile, select the sport and the event, indicate the betting amount, and confirm your choice.

When the match ends, you grab your winnings if your outcome is correct. If you lose a bet, you can add more money to your balance via different options offered by the bookie. Various Internet users promise that acquiring the Adder SportyBet app can significantly increase your daily revenue. 

The SportyBet platform provides many ways to withdraw winnings. You can use cards, local banks, payment systems, and mobile money. Punters are free to select the options they like. However, mind the fees that can be charged per transaction. Let’s see how you can acquire the magic Adder tool and see how to use it further in the article.

How SportyBet Balance Adder Works

The Adder application allows users to multiply their betting balance amount without using their funds from credit and debit cards. The daily top-up limit is 100,000 Naira. When you receive the money on your SportyBet balance, it is possible to spend it on betting or withdraw it to your bank account. However, you have only 24 hours to decide. If you are late, they will disappear. What incredible generosity! 

Sports betting has never been so easy. And if you are new to gambling, you might wonder what SportyBet is and whether it is reliable for online gambling. We are going to explain more about the platform in the following part of the article.

How to Download SportyBet Balance Adder

How to Download SportyBet Balance Adder

So, how can you obtain this hacking app? Most web resources report that SportyBet Money Adder can be installed on smartphones running on Android and iOS gadgets and provide the instructions. If you are the owner of an Android phone, download SportyBet money doubler APK, as it is the necessary setup document, unpack the zip file you obtained, and launch the installation process.

It is the description you can retrieve from the web resources, some of which even provide a link to the company that can help you get the app for a penny. But wait a minute and think clearly.

Caution: One major thing about all the sites that offer information on the software is that no one provides any references to an original company developer of the application or any websites authorized to advertise and offer it. It is a suspicious sign that is hard to ignore!

Opportunities For Users

Users can definitely receive more opportunities by using the SportyBet Adder app. If you like to place bets on sports and are an expert or only start learning, using the adder is a chance to increase the wager amount and receive bigger winnings without taking credit or spending your own cash. However, it has a “but.”

The whole life experience should give you a hint that there is no free cheese. You always have to pay. In case you are offered something for free, the only question you should ask yourself is: “Who benefits from it?” If the answer is difficult to find from the first look, then start digging for more information.

Supported Countries

The hacking app is suitable only for SportyBet users. According to the info on the global web, the software can be used in the following African countries:

  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • Tanzania
  • Kenya
  • Gambia

Caution: It means that this fraud keeps spreading on the continent fast. Nobody knows about its reliability and security, so you need to be aware when you are following the links offered by many Internet sites. Finally, we came closer to the description of how a person can utilize the app. Keep reading.

How to Use The Money Adder?

SportyBet How to Use The Money Adder?

Before you proceed to the description, remember that unless the company provides any promo within which it grants players with monetary rewards, it is impossible to acquire any free funds without their acknowledgment.

Third-party resources state that to use Adder, you should be registered on the SportyBet website, then start fulfilling the following actions:

  1. Log into your profile.
  2. Open your Balance Adder app.
  3. Select the country you are from.
  4. Insert the phone number that is registered on SportyBet. Do not forget the country code.
  5. Copy the SportyBet URL address and insert it into the corresponding field.
  6. Tap on the button “Fund Now.”
  7. In the next window, indicate your verification phrase/code and confirm that action. The funds will appear on your betting balance.

Caution: Unidentified authors claim that you can use the app once daily with a limited sum of 100,000 Naira. Punters from other countries can hope to receive the equivalent of that sum in their local currency.

What Is a Verification Code?

You can also find it as an authorization code or a phrase on different sites. This is the key feature that launches the app. Without that component, it is impossible to fund your account with free money. How can you get it?

The legend spread around the global web tells that you can simply buy it. It is the only way to obtain the code, which is quite long and looks like an encrypted phrase. Some sellers provide the service for about 30,000 Naira and guarantee it is a one-time payment. Others post a link supposedly leading you to SportyBet-sponsored apps. 

Benefits of the Adder

The Adder software undoubtedly has some vital benefits. As we already mentioned, the money you receive for free can be spent on gambling and betting entertainment or easily withdrawn from your SportyBet account. 

However, SportyBet abides by the principles of fair gaming and protects the platform from money laundering. It means that if your account is suspected of some weird transactions, it might be suspended. 

Downsides of the Adder

As weird as it is, the sources report that even that genius hacking app has a disadvantage that may be vital for users: the verification code cannot be shared with anyone and can be used only on one device.

What’s More on the Market?

The market offers various hack apps such as Xcaret100, Cardro Pro, Flash Funds, Cardcumbo, Bitcoinnex, Coinceller, and others. However, there is little feedback about this software either. Therefore we can say that it is a risky venture to use the application. It may cost you your personal and payment data.

User Feedback

SportyBet User Feedback

We managed to retrieve feedback about the Balance adder app, how to download it, where to obtain links to APK files, and overall praiseful reviews. But recently, some other bettors and registered users who wager on SportyBet left revealing comments about their unfortunate experience with the Money Adder app. Thus we urgently recommend our readers stay away from such hacking software.


SportyBet Conclusion

Our SportyBet review is devoted to the observation of the SportyBet Balance Adder to remind our readers that it is a total fraud. If you decide to download the software, you risk losing your payment information and personal data. Therefore we feel obliged to inform you about it.

Many resources confirm that “companies” offering users purchase authorization codes ask them to pay via bank card while using the app. However, the bookmaker provides many other options to fund the betting account. How is SportyBet related to that? The answer is easy. Those fraudulent websites advertise the app as if it is an official product of SportyBet company.


Is SportyBet balance adder real or fake?

All the signs indicate that this application is a pure fraud. Be cautious before you decide to download and use it.

How do I deposit money into SportyBet?

You can replenish your account with e-wallets, payment systems, bank transfers, and cards.

How do I find my SportyBet account?

The account identification number can be retrieved after you sign in to your profile page.

Can I borrow money from SportyBet?

Absolutely not. The company does not provide any crediting services.

What is the USSD code for Sportybet?

You can dial *322*1*0434720*Amount#. However, since the bookie provides different methods to replenish the betting balance, the USSD can vary.
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