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In the ever-evolving world of technological advancements, having new versions of applications is pretty much a normal occurrence. The online betting apps aren’t exempt from this: new updates appear on a regular basis. The new features can be of great help, but in some cases, the designs can get bloated.

Some bookmakers allow users to access their older apps or previous iterations of the mobile website. Want to see an example? Bet9ja, a Nigerian all-in-one betting platform, is one of them. In this article, we will provide information on how to use the old mobile app of the sportsbook.

We have to warn you in advance: Bet9ja disabled their mobile apps. But remember that you can enjoy Bet9ja’s offers via the desktop or mobile version of the site!

What Is the Bet9ja Old Mobile App?

What Is the Bet9ja Old Mobile App?

Apart from the Android app, Bet9ja offers three versions of its mobile website. There are the regular ones, which can work from any smartphone; the MLite version, designed for lower-specced devices; and the Old Mobile App version. The latter is the online website that uses the minimalistic design utilized in the platform’s app before it was redesigned from the ground up.

History and Description

Bet9ja is a mature platform, operating on the market for a decade. Unsurprisingly, during the course of the years, the bookmaker’s application went through several iterations. While there were minor updates here and there, we can outline two separate versions: the “Old Mobile” one that was the main app some time ago and was eventually replaced by the “Modern App.” The latter is the upgraded version with an updated layout and some new features. We will cover these things in the following blocks. 

Bet9ja Old Mobile vs. New Mobile

The applications differ on so many levels it’s difficult to know where to start.

  1. The old app features an icons-based UI, while the new one presents a more modern one.
  2. Both versions have low system requirements, but the older one is significantly easier to run: even if you have a very underpowered device, you can navigate the application quickly.
  3. The older one is designed so all features are one (or two at max) taps away. The newer one is a bit more difficult to navigate.

Why Would One Use the Old Bet9ja Mobile App?

Why Would One Use the Old Bet9ja Mobile App?

Of course, there are reasons why some users might want to try the older version. First, the design is completely different. It also doesn’t have high system requirements and can work even on older and slower devices. In the paragraphs below, we will take a closer look at the advantages of the old mobile app.

Old Bet9ja App: Advantages

Let’s see the main pros of the old mobile app of Bet9ja:

  1. Intuitive design. Being icon-based makes things easier to understand on all levels.
  2. Works faster. While it might lack the nice and smooth animations of modern applications, it is very fast to load.
  3. Low system requirements. Any smartphone released during the last decade can run it without a single problem. 
  4. Minimalist design. The older app doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the modern one but looks more subdued in comparison.

How to Access the Old Mobile App

Bet9ja How to Access the Old Mobile App

Since we’ve already covered many things one has to know about the older app, let’s check how to download or access it. The procedures aren’t convoluted for any smartphone, but a detailed guide can be helpful.

Accessing the Old Mobile App from the iOS Device

The platform’s current app is only offered for Android devices, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the older version also supports this system. The website currently doesn’t allow you to download the older app directly, and we don’t recommend downloading shady APK files from third-party resources. Instead, you can access the old mobile interface from your phone on the platform’s website. Here’s what you should do.

Visit the Website From Your Phone

It’s sports.bet9ja.com. You will be greeted with the smartphone-optimized version of the website. It’s identical to the modern app of the platform.

Log In

This step can be skipped if you just want to see how the Old Mobile version looks, but it’s still better to sign in to get a clearer idea of what the platform can offer.

Tap the “A-Z Menu” Button

It can be found on the menu at the bottom of the screen. It will redirect you to the page that provides access to the list of sports offered on the platform and features buttons for using other options.

Tap the “Quick Links” Tab

It can be found on that page. Just look at the top right part of the screen.

Locate the “Old Mobile” Button and Tap It

It will take you to another page that shows the UI offered in the app’s old version. Everything is fully functional; you can tap on any button and access the features it provides. The list of icons includes registration, searching for odds, various games and casino options, promotions, and live betting.

Accessing the Old Mobile App from the iOS Device

While iOS doesn’t currently have a mobile application for Bet9ja, there are still ways to access the interface of an older one from the mobile website. You can do so in the same manner as you would from an Android device. The steps are identical, but let’s look at how to get Bet9ja old mobile for iPhone.

  1. Visit the Mobile Website. Just visit Bet9ja. Since there’s no dedicated iPhone app, the mobile website is your main way of interacting with the platform.
  2. Locate the “A-Z Menu” Button and Tap It. The button can be found on the lower left corner of the screen as a part of the menu.
  3. Go to “Quick Links”. After going to the “A-Z Menu,” you will see the page providing access to many website features. You can find the “Quick Links” buttons among them that let you use some more functions. Tap it.
  4. Tap “Old Mobile”. You can find this button among the items in the “Quick Links” menu. Just tap it, and you will have full access to the Old Mobile interface and its features on your iPhone.

The Tips for Using the Old Mobile Bet9ja App

The Tips for Using the Old Mobile Bet9ja App

The app is quite intuitive to use. It might not be as polished as the modern version, but everything is pretty much accessible. The icon-based design makes things even more clear than they ever were.

For some reason, clicking nearly any button will take you to the login page. There are some exceptions, such as checking the events, but in most cases, you must sign in, even if the regular version doesn’t require you to do so. We recommend logging in before even starting to use the Old Mobile variant.

Alternatively to the app interface method from the mobile devices we listed in the “How to Access the Old Mobile App” block, you can get to it from the desktop website. To do so, visit this link from your computer: https://old-mobile.bet9ja.com/home.aspx

This version won’t allow you to use its features since clicking any butto n will redirect you to a regular website. There’s also the “Old Desktop” option that will take you to the previous iteration of the website.

The Issues That Can Emerge While Using the Old Mobile Bet9ja App

The Issues That Can Emerge While Using the Old Mobile Bet9ja App

Since nothing is perfect, you might encounter some issues during the process of using the older app. If you ever run into one, try to switch to the regular version. It’s more polished by design and shouldn’t cause any problems. Below are some examples:

  1. The buttons are unresponsive. If you tap any button and no action follows, then there’s probably some problem with loading the Old Mobile version or your Internet connection. Try to reconnect or wait for the issue to resolve itself.
  2. I have to log in to use the feature after tapping a button. We’ve already mentioned that this is done by design: you have to sign in if you want to use most features, even if you can normally access them when using the regular app. So we can’t really call this an issue.
  3. I can’t log in. Check your Internet connection first. If things seem normal, try to wait a bit or switch to a regular app. If the old Bet9ja login feature still doesn’t work, there’s no point in contacting customer care since the company no longer supports the old version. Switch to a modern version.


Bet9ja Conclusion

Bet9ja is a bookmaker that’s full of features. There are exciting betting options, live functions, and many sports to wager on. But most importantly, there are Android applications and mobile websites. Even more surprising is that you can still use the old version of the app and access it from your browser, although it will link you to the modern website in no time.

Our article provided much information about Bet9ja’s old mobile app. We’ve thoroughly compared it to the modern version, listed the advantages, covered how to access it, and given general background about the app. We even described how to access the app’s interface from your computer. We hope this article will help those who want to try that version for one reason or another.

You can also learn more about the platform by reading our other Bet9ja reviews. We have those that cover every essential feature of the bookmaker in a detailed manner. The general review provides everything one needs to know about the sportsbook in one text.


Is there an iOS app?

The Bet9ja official app is only offered for Android. You can download it from Google Play. The same was true for the old mobile version as well. iPhone users can visit the mobile website with everything a punter needs. They can also access the MLite version and the Old Mobile interface.

Can I have two accounts on Bet9ja?

No, only one account per user is permitted. Having multiple ones is prohibited and can quickly get you banned: this is a normal practice among all betting platforms, so don’t expect to find any that will let you have more than one account.

Can I delete my Bet9ja account?

Yes, this is done by contacting customer care.

Can I withdraw 2,000 NGN from my Bet9ja account?

Yes, the sum is larger than the lower withdrawal limit on the platform, which is 1,000 NGN. This is low enough to make the activity accessible even to beginners unwilling to risk a lot of money. By the way, the upper limit is 10,000,000 NGN, so the overall range for withdrawal is impressive.

Who has the highest winnings on Bet9ja?

The maximum payout is 40,000,000 NGN per bet.

Can I delete my bank account from Bet9ja?

It can be done, but the process is tedious. Start by contacting customer care since you can’t remove the account yourself. The workers will take you from there.

What bank does Bet9ja use?

The bookmaker supports several local banks, including the most popular ones. The list consists of GTBank, Zenith, Unity, and Polaris. You can use those for withdrawal and deposit purposes. There are multiple ways to move your funds on the Bet9ja account from these banks: you can visit the website, use the app, or even input the USSD code.
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