How Does System Bet Work on 1xBet

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Different types of bets make betting more exciting and help increase profits. However, understanding them may not be easy. Let’s find out how to place a bet on this platform.

How to Play on 1xBet: A Brief Overview

How to Play on 1xBet: A Brief Overview

1xBet is a popular international bookmaker that allows bettors to place forward-looking bets on the most significant events in the world of sports. Players who have worked with this bookmaker not for the first time leave positive reviews and do not plan to change their partner. Newcomers to the world of betting who are just choosing a bookmaker also prefer 1xBet due to the popularity and good reputation of the brand. Read the guide on how to bet in 1xBet to learn all the technical aspects and procedures. 


Definitions 1xBet

Let us begin our consideration of this issue by examining the concept itself so that you are not left with the slightest misunderstanding.

System Bets and Their Role in Sports Betting

This bet type is the most complex type, which combines more straightforward bets. Let’s break this down from the basics. Suppose you want to bet on a match between two football teams. You analyze your opponents’ chances and choose the most likely winner. It is a single bet. It is simple, and many beginners prefer them.

However, you can combine several single bets in one ticket to increase your potential winnings. This way, you get an accumulator. Its main feature is improved potential winnings because the odds are summed up. However, your options don’t end there because you can combine accumulators. It is the system bet.

Advantages of Using System Bets on the 1xBet Platform

The main advantage of it is risk reduction. The bet can still win even if some events in the ticket do not meet your expectations. You only need to predict a certain number of results correctly. The required number of accurate predictions varies for different types of systems.

System Bet Types on 1xBet

System Bet Types on 1xBet

Systems also come in several varieties depending on the number of events involved.

Double, Triple, and More: Main Types of System Bets

The classic option is the 2 out of 3 system. Here, you can win by guessing at least 2 out of three events in the bet. In this case, you can profit using high odds (from 1.8 and above). It will lose if a 2 out of 3 system wins only one match. The player will receive the maximum profit if he wins all three games.

The 3 out of 5 system is good because if you use the correct odds, you can lose even two matches and still be in the black. At the same time, the odds here are not too high – you need to take at least 2.2 to get a profit. Such odds are found in large numbers in almost any match in any sport. This coefficient is used to evaluate dark horses and shadow favorites. The chances of winning such bets are about 45%; with a careful selection of events for betting, this figure can be increased to 50-60%. In this case, the 3 out of 5 system will bring tangible profits.

The 4 out of 5 betting system suits the most minor risky players. To win using this system, it is enough for only 4 out of 5 bets to win, and the odds must be relatively low – at least 1.5.

How Patent, Lucky, and Other Types Work

At first glance, Lucky may seem like an incomprehensible form of betting, but everything falls into place upon closer examination. Your bet amount is split into many small bets along the entire length of the coupon. The system bets on each single or accumulator bets from all possible combinations. It turns out you would never be able to repeat many bets in your life.

The patent completely copies the Lucky approach, but there are no combinations in the form of ordinary ones. Also, the patent involves three to eight events—completely identical gameplay, where a little more risk pays off with a big prize.

Examples of Systems on 1xBet

Examples of Systems on 1xBet

To better understand the essence of the systems, let’s look at them using an example.

How System Bet Works

The principle of the system is straightforward: the more events, the more options. So, if a system of five events is assembled, then three options are possible: 2/5, 3/5, and 4/5. The first system will be winning if at least two outcomes are correct. The second system will win if at least three outcomes are accurate—the third system, if the minimum is four. The income will be higher depending on how many outcomes are correct; secondly, the number of outcomes in express bets will be smaller.

Tricks for Successful System Bets

Having decided to bet, for example, 500 naira, prospects open up for the player, some of which will be described below.

Using the 2 out of 5 system, the maximum win will be 1727.5. If one of the forecasts does not work out, the highest income, depending on the odds, will be a number equal to 1081.5. If two predictions do not work out, you can get the maximum payout of 559.5. But if three predictions do not play out, the amount will not exceed 199.5. It is easy to guess that the forecast will be lost after four or five failures.

By using the 3 out of 5 system, the maximum winnings will be 3204.75. If one of the predictions does not work out, then the maximum payout you can receive is no more than 1366.2. If two predictions do not play out, the amount will not exceed 359.1. All other options will become losers.

Using the 4 out of 5 system, the maximum win will be 5937.84. If one forecast does not play out, then the highest income will be a number equal to 1292.76. If two or more predictions fail, the system will be a loser. This example clearly shows everything that was mentioned above. If you focus on maximum income, then the risk increases significantly. If you want to be as careful as possible, you should not expect a significant profit.

How to Use System Bets on 1xBet

It is worth emphasizing a few points when discussing basic betting strategies using systems. A reasonably standard option used in systems is a set of outcomes for a draw, whether football or hockey matches. Considering the pretty high odds and the frequency of draws, we can say that this option looks very attractive.

The strategy of betting on outsiders looks no less exciting and profitable when the outcomes are collected against the favorites at very favorable odds. As a rule, the odds for an outsider range from 6 to 8 and sometimes can reach 20. Of course, most outcomes will be adverse, but if at least two outcomes work out, the profit can be excellent.

How to Make a Successful System Bet on 1xBet

How to Make a Successful System Bet on 1xBet

Placing a system bet is quite simple. We have prepared step-by-step instructions to help you.

  1. Register on the 1xBet platform and top up your balance in any convenient way.
  2. Explore all the system size options that this bookmaker offers and study the number of combinations in them.
  3. Go to the Live or Sports section and select the events you want to add to the system.
  4. Look on the right side of the screen, where all your selections are shown. Next, click on the desired bet type accumulator/system.
  5. Enter the stake amount, and you will see how the bookmaker has calculated the maximum winnings.

Selection of Events for System Bet 

The type of event doesn’t matter. You can bet on football, hockey, basketball, or any other sport. However, the odds matter. If they are low, then you will not be able to earn much. Therefore, choose events with odds higher than 1.7.

How to Manage Risks and Maximize the Profit

Choosing the right betting system depends on many factors, such as playing style, number of events and bet types, bankroll, and personal preferences. It’s best to start by learning the basic betting systems and trying them out in practice. Choose a financial management strategy that suits you and analyze your actions. Also, remember to collect information to make accurate forecasts. The system’s bets will bring maximum profit.


Conclusion 1xBet

The system, which is not so popular among players, has no real shortcomings and is undeservedly deprived. Compared to the same express train, the system allows you to stumble somewhere, and in a favorable situation, the income over the course will be pretty good.


How does system bet work in 1xBet?

The system combines several accumulators and sets a certain number of winning bets at which it makes a profit.

How does chain bet work on 1xBet?

A chain is a combination of many single bets on one bet. Essentially, this is an analog of the system.

What is a 3 of 5 system bet?

This type means you must correctly predict three out of five outcomes to win.

How is system bet odds calculated?

Calculating winnings is complicated and largely depends on the number of correct predictions. The more there are, the more significant the profit.

How do you win a system bet?

To win, you need to correctly predict the outcomes of the events included in the coupon.
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