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Whether you already have a BetKing account or are just thinking about joining the platform, you might want to know more about some of the less obvious features of the bookmaker. And there are many since it’s an established website with a large user base. It clearly wants to satisfy the needs of as many punters as possible. And providing more exciting options is one way to do so.

The function we will cover in this article is the cash-out. It’s quite widely offered among different platforms, although some small ones don’t feature it. In the text below, we will provide as much information as possible about how BetKing treats this function. We will check the nuances of the feature and its policy, take a look at the offers provided by the competition, and even analyze user reviews.

BetKing Cash Out Features and Functions

BetKing Cash Out Features and Functions

Being an established platform that offers a lot to its users, BetKing didn’t avoid providing the cash-out feature. The way it works is straightforward: you can get your money back on the bet you placed before the event is over. It provides great control over the wagering process and may help you reduce losses and risks or even make some profit. We will explain more about it in the paragraphs below.

How to Cash Out at BetKing

Before we go into detail about what the function brings to the table, let’s check the steps you have to take to access the function itself.

How to Cash Out at BetKing

How to Cash Out at BetKing

Navigate to the bookie’s website and sign into your account.

Open Your Bets

Go to the “My Bets” section to check your active wagers.

Select Cash-out

Pick a bet supporting the cash-out feature and click “Proceed.”

Alternatively, you can enter the number of your ticket. Then you’ll just have to click the “Cash out” button if it appears.

The Features for Users

After reading everything we’ve written above, you might wonder what you can get from the feature. Well, now it’s our time to bring some examples. 

Imagine you’ve placed a bet. And now you’re following the game and realize you’re about to lose. Things happen, of course; maybe you risked too much after following the high odds, or you put your bet on the player or team everybody expected to win, but things have taken an unpredictable turn. And of course, you don’t want to lose your money. 

Don’t worry. The cash-out feature has you covered. You can claim some winnings before the event ends and all bets are settled. Obviously, the sum will be smaller compared to your regular win. And there’s a caveat as well: the more likely you are to lose, the smaller the sum will be. But it’s definitely better than nothing. So you can just click the “cash out” button and see the returns.

So far, this is a great way to reduce losses and risks. And it gives you a lot of control over your options. Moreover, you can usually find this feature for the majority of popular events, so you’re unlikely to encounter difficulties. Unless, of course, you want to bet on less-known games, which is fine too.

Why BetKing Cash Out Feature Is Better Than What the Competition Offers

While the way BetKing handles the process isn’t much different from what you’d find at other platforms, we would say that the platform has good odds and a decently sized selection of sports. You can also cash out the returns as effortlessly as it can be. Moreover, you can also do so offline, and BetKing has many branches across Nigeria.

Competition Analysis

BetKing Competition Analysis

We’ve mentioned countless times that the cash-out feature isn’t rare. And there aren’t many differences in how the platform can handle it, although there are enough nuances to make the experience slightly different. Let’s take a look at other large and well-known sportsbooks operating in Nigeria and check whether their offers can compete with BetKing.

Competition Functions

While the cash out doesn’t differ as much from one platform to the other, we can still check its subtypes. There are a few kinds of them, and those can alter the experience or offer more control. We would use them as the main way to compare what the bookmakers can offer.

In-game cash out. This is the most common type that is synonymous with the overall term. It allows you to get the returns during the course of the event. It can be a partial or offline one and also can be automated, but more on that below.

Partial cash out. This is one of the most impressive ways to use the function. It also provides you greater control over the wagering process itself. How does it work? Well, you can decide which part you will cash out while the other will stay in the stake. This can be a helpful way to reduce the risks and losses.

Pre-match cash-out. Mainly used for long-term betting, this feature will help you get the returns before the event starts. It’s also helpful in situations where you put the wager by mistake.

Offline cash-out. If you prefer doing things in the real world, don’t own a smartphone, or have issues with accessing the Internet, this option is for you. Just take the ticket to a physical shop, if your platform has any, and cash the bet out.

Auto cash out. As the name shows, this one allows you to automate the process. If the service supports it, you can just set the sum, and it will be cashed out when the bookmaker can buy your bet for this amount. This is pretty good for risk-reducing and can be a part of many smart approaches and interesting long-term strategies.

Comparing the BetKing Cash Out Function to What Competition Offers

Now it’s time to get a clear view of the competition. We decided that using the table with the list of features would be the most straightforward way. What about the competition itself? Well, 1xBet, Bet9ja, and 22Bet would be the websites we’d compare to BetKing. Let’s see what they offer.

Cash Out Type/PlatformBetKing1xBetBet9ja22Bet

Pros and Cons of the Competition

In the previous paragraph, we made it clear what platform offers what features. Now let’s make some conclusions about what we’ve found out.

  • 1xBet. This is a large international platform that offers many features. So there’s no surprise that it provides everything one might need from the cash-out function, including partial, in-game, pre-match options and auto and offline solutions.
  • Bet9ja. Another all-rounder which offers everything you might want. Although it’s worth mentioning that there’s no auto cash-out feature. 
  • 22Bet. This one is also a good fit for users that might want to use the cash-out function, even though it’s worse in that aspect compared to other platforms mentioned. The reason is the lack of partial, auto, and offline options. It’s also interesting that 22Bet calls the feature the “Bet Slip Sale,” but the name is the only difference.

User Feedback

BetKing User Feedback

We can describe many things, but let’s get to the most important part of BetKing: its user experience. While not many reviews cover the cash-out feature specifically, we can still get some bits and pieces of the information.

Analysis of BetKing Cash-Out Reviews

While it was difficult to find any information about the BetKing cash-out feature, the reviews on various websites mentioned how easy it is to use. Similarly to our article, the lack of partial cash out was mentioned, which seems to be the main issue with the option on the platform. The ability to use the feature offline is among the stronger points of the platform.

The Conclusions Based on the Users’ Reviews

BetKing The Conclusions Based on the Users' Reviews

At the end of the day, the users agree that BetKing is a good fit for many punters, and its cash-out feature will cover the needs of the majority of them. There’s always room for improvement, of course.

The Verdict

The reviews of the cash-out feature on the platform are relatively favorable, although it was mentioned that the competition, such as Bet9ja and 1xBet, offer a good experience as well, even though, in some cases, the other bookmakers would be better choices.

BetKing certainly shines in the aspect of offline wagering, we’ve already mentioned this several times in our article, and other reviews agree.

Recommendations for Users

If you want to take full advantage of this feature at BetKing, nothing stops you since the only limit is the lack of automatic and partial options. The latter would be a helpful solution since it allows you to precisely control how much you can see in the returns before the game ends. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy the function; just keep a few things in mind:

  1. The amount you cash out will never be as big as a possible win. This is done by design.
  2. The higher your chances of winning, the bigger the returns. So, if your wager seems to be losing, you won’t win much. This shouldn’t become a big problem since any returns are better than nothing at all.
  3. The pre-match option can give you good returns. If you’re sure you placed a losing bet for some reason or by mistake, it’s better to cash out before the game starts. Thankfully, BetKing allows you to do so.

BetKing Cash Out Prospects

BetKing might not be a new platform, but it has a lot of potential ways to grow. For example, it still doesn’t feature any mobile apps. So we’d expect to see more from the bookmaker in the future. For example, there are ways to expand the ways the cash-out feature works. For instance, the bookmaker doesn’t support partial cash out. The option allows more control over the wager process so that it can attract an even wider audience.

In Conclusion

BetKing In Conclusion

The cash-out feature is so common: the players get more control over the wagering process, especially during the events, while the bookmakers attract more punters interested in using it. This is a win-win situation and is not technically difficult to add. 

BetKing is among the bookmakers that offer the feature, make it effortless to use, and even provide additional options, such as offline cash-out. In our text, we’ve covered everything you might want to know about how the function works at the website, checked the offers of the competition and even made comparisons, and analyzed the possible prospects of growth.

If you still have questions about the platform and are interested in its other features, we have plenty of articles on nearly any function and aspect of the bookmaker, including the main review about BetKing that provides a clear outlook of the platform as a whole.


Does BetKing have an app?

Unfortunately, and surprisingly, there’s no BetKing app. For some reason, this large betting platform doesn’t offer any applications. But you can use the fully functional mobile website that has all of the features you might need, including the cash-out one.

How long does BetKing withdrawal take?

The company claims that it processes all of the withdrawals instantly.

How do I register?

The BetKing registration process is plainly effortless: Here are the steps:
  1. Go to the website.
  2. Locate the “Join now” button.
  3. Click it.
  4. Enter your mobile number.
  5. Click “Next.”
  6. Come up with a password.
  7. Enter your full name, and write it how it’s spelled in your bank account to avoid withdrawal and verification issues and delays.
  8. Type in your email.
  9. Provide the date of birth.
  10. Select the Nigerian state you’re living in.
  11. Tick the box confirming you’re over 18 and familiar with the T&C and Privacy Policy.
  12. Optionally agree to receive the news.
  13. Click the “Sign Up Now” button.
  14. All done.

How much is BetKing’s maximum payout?

The maximum payout per user per day is 5,000,000 KES. You can’t win more on the platform, but the sum is already massive.

Which bet has the highest payout in Nigeria?

Usually, the accumulator bets provide the most significant profits, but they are also the riskiest ones.

What are the terms and conditions for cashout on BetKing?

The rules are simple: you can use the feature both online and offline. You can use it for multiple bets unless it’s combo ones.

Will BetKing pay me if one game is cut from my ticket?

Yes, BetKing offers the “Cut One” feature.

How do I withdraw the funds?

The BetKing withdrawal methods consist only of bank transfers. This is a bit surprising since the number of deposit options is much larger, but on the other hand, this is the most straightforward way possible.

How do I deposit?

There are many BetKing deposit methods, including using direct bank and credit card transfers, and several payment systems popular in the country. If you want to learn more about it, check out our other article.

I want to get better at wagering. How do I approach it?

Many BetKing prediction tips will help you improve your skill. We have a separate article covering the matter, but here’s a quick rundown:
  1. Learn more about the sport.
  2. Get a better understanding of the betting process.
  3. Follow the experts and online discussions.
  4. Avoid accumulators and large multiple bets.
  5. Don’t place small stakes.
  6. Track your betting history.

    How do I receive my winnings?

    There are several options to do so. If you want to learn more about BetKing withdrawal rules and methods, read our article on the matter.

    How do I contact customer support?

    There are several ways to use BetKing customer care. We describe them in detail in our separate article. Check it out.
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