How to Cash Out on 1xBet: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Online betting is continuously evolving, adding more capabilities under its belt. Some of the features are so-called  “live” ones, offering additional functionality during games, fights, races, and matches. In-play wagering, live streams, and cash out are the most notable.

Our article will cover how the cash out function works at 1xBet, a widely used and well-known international bookmaker. We will describe everything you might need to know about this feature and how to use it. We will also compare it to what the competition offers and even answer the most common questions.

1xBet Cash Out Feature

1xBet Cash Out Feature

The feature provides an option to get the returns before the event ends and the bets settle. This can be life-saving in situations when it’s clear that your team is losing. Unfortunately, the feature isn’t always offered for all events, but you can usually take advantage of it for the majority of popular games.

The way the bookmaker calculates your returns can be described in a simple phrase: the more likely you’re to win, the bigger the returns. This means that in the situation when your bet seems to be losing, you will probably not receive much money. On the other hand, this can significantly reduce your losses.

How to Cash Out on 1xBet

The bookmaker made accessing the feature very uncomplicated. Below are the things that you should do to use it.

How to Cash Out on 1xBet

Access the Platform

Open the betting website or mobile application and sign in to your account.

Check Your Wagers

Go to your account’s menu, select “Bet History,” and check your active wagers.

Take to the Feature

Determine which bet you wish to settle and cash out the wager in one click.

The Features for Users

You can use this function in situations where it’s clear that your bet will be lost. You will obviously get smaller returns compared to what you’d receive if you won, but it’s significantly better than nothing. The clearer it is that the bet will lose, the less money you’ll receive.

The feature will help a lot when the course of events changes unpredictably. Obviously, this is rare, but it happens. You can also combine the function with other “live” features, such as in-play betting. This will make a more immersive experience and give you much control over the betting process during the events.

Why 1xBet Cash Out Feature Is Better Than What the Competition Offers

There aren’t actually many nuances about working with the cash out function. The competition mainly provides similar solutions, and the differences are minimal. 1xBet is especially good at the sheer number of sports and events it provides, so you always have something to choose from. Moreover, 1xBet has good odds, the cashout ones included.

Competition Analysis

1xBet Competition Analysis

Cash out is a relatively common option that you can find on nearly all large platforms. Some smaller ones offer it as well. Let’s review the competing bookmakers that operate in the Nigerian market. In the following few blocks, we will examine what other sportsbooks offer and how they handle the cash out feature.

Competition’s Functions

There are five types of cash out that we’ve selected. We will use them for comparisons between the bookmakers.

  • In-game cash out. This is the most common one, and when we say the words “cash out,” we refer precisely to this kind. It implies that you can use the feature during the game, which is the main point of it.
  • Pre-match cash out. This one is a bit more interesting. It allows you to cash out before the event even starts. It can be very beneficial in situations when you place the bet by mistake or when some unforeseen circumstances can significantly alter the course of the upcoming game.
  • Partial cash out. Offering even more flexibility over the wagering process, this feature allows you to control precisely how much you want to see in the returns and how much you will keep in your stake. This function will improve the overall wagering experience since now your options will be more versatile than ever.
  • Auto cash out. In this case, you’re just setting the sum you like, and once you get the ability to cash out this amount of money, the trigger will start, and the process will be completed. This is an excellent feature for those who want to automate their processes.
  • Offline. As you can guess by its name, this feature allows you to access it without going online. If you booked your ticket, you can visit the physical shop and tell the agent to do everything for you. A great option if you have issues with the Internet connection or rarely use your smartphone or PC.

Comparing 1xBet Cash Out Functions to What Competition Offers

In the previous paragraph, we outlined the main subtypes of the feature. Now we can take a look at the ones presented by 1xBet and competing platforms in Nigeria. Check out the table below.

Cash Out Type/Platform1xBetBet9jaBetKing22Bet

Pros and Cons of the Competition

As you can see, 1xBet fares well against other platforms. Let’s review the strong points of other platforms.

  • Bet9ja. Provides both full and partial cash out, in-game and pre-match ones as well. You also can automate the feature. We would say that this bookmaker is among the best ones if you plan to use this function. Speaking of drawbacks related to the feature, there’s only the lack of an automatic option.
  • BetKing. The bookmaker might lack the partial cash out option but shines in the offline aspect: you can simply bring your ticket to a physical shop without any issues. And there are many branches in the country, bringing the offline experience to the top-notch level for users who don’t own smartphones or have issues with their Internet connection. 
  • 22Bet. Similarly to Bet9ja, this platform also provides helpful solutions. The service calls it the “Bet Slip Sell,” but the essence is the same. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature partial, automatic, and offline options.

User Feedback

1xBet User Feedback

While we can describe the function in as much detail as we want, the professional reviews and those written by the regulars do matter. After reading many of them, we can provide some analysis and make some conclusions. Check those out in the paragraphs below.

Analysis of 1xBet Cash Out Reviews

We struggled to find user reviews covering the cash out function on the platform, so we took a look at articles similar to ours. The majority of them liked the way the bookmaker handles this function. They also described the number of options in a favorable manner.

Comparing the Reviews of 1xBet Cash Out to the Competition

After reading the users’ opinions about various wagering platforms, we can surely say that 1xBet fares pretty well against the competition. It was described as a well-rounded solution. We can also apply the same consensus to Bet9ja: it looked like a good choice for cashing out. BetKing got more moderate reviews, with the positives mostly including the ease of using the option offline.

Finally, the reviews mentioned 22Bet as another good choice, with the lack of cash out options being compensated by the ease of use. Although, it’s interesting that the bookmaker itself calls the function “bet slip sale.”

In Conclusion

1xBet In Conclusion

Now, after checking feedback and reviews, we can make some conclusions about 1xBet and how its cash out feature works. Read them below.

The Verdict

The 1xBet cash out function offers pretty much everything you can expect from it. There are partial, pre-match, and automatic options, and using the feature essentially requires only one click (or a tap if you’re using the mobile app).

User Recommendations

Some reviews mentioned the issues with withdrawals, and while they’re not a part of the cash out process, they are a bit related. Otherwise, the review authors seemed satisfied with how the function works.

1xBet Cash Out Possibilities

1xBet seems to constantly add new features, so we would expect the platform to add more as it grows. For example, it can make the partial cash out option even more versatile. Another thing is that 1xBet will probably add more sports, events, and betting markets to the list of its offers, and therefore more of them will use the function.

Final Verdict

1xBet Final Verdict

1xBet brings all of the modern betting features into play. The cash out can make the betting experience more immersive and safe simultaneously, allowing you to get the returns and even turn some profit in difficult situations. And in this article, we’ve described the rules and every other crucial aspect of this feature of the platform and even made some comparisons with the competition’s offers.

But this option isn’t the only exciting thing about the bookmaker. Want to learn more? Well, you can read our general review about 1xBet in Nigeria. Or any other text that covers the platform’s several features and capabilities.


How long does it take to cash out in 1xBet?

The process is instant. You may also withdraw those funds, which are processed within minutes unless you transfer money to your credit card. In the latter case, the transaction can take a few business days. You can use any 1xBet withdrawal method you want, including various payment systems, cryptocurrency, and direct transfers.

Does 1xBet have an app in Nigeria?

Yes, there are 1xBet apps for iOS and Android devices. You can also use the mobile-optimized version of the website and even switch to it while accessing it from the PC. The apps have a great UI, are full of features, and offer everything you might expect from mobile betting.

What is the 1xBet maximum payout in Nigeria?

The maximum possible winning is around 250,000,000 NGN. If you want to know about the maximum withdrawal, the service doesn’t specify it anywhere on the website, leading us to believe that some are on the large side of things.

What’s the minimum payout?

1xBet minimum payout in Nigeria is around 300 NGN for some methods.

Who is the highest winner in 1xBet?

The highest-ever win at the bookmaker was around 900,000 NGN. A Kazakhstan-based player won it.

How do I transfer money from 1xBet to my bank account?

There are many 1xBet withdrawal options. Moving the funds from the platform onto your credit card is among them. The way to access it is simple:
  1. Go to the website.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  3. Click “Payment Methods.”
  4. Find the “Withdrawal” tab.
  5. Check the MasterCard option.
  6. Click “Withdraw.”

How does 1xBet work in Nigeria?

The platform has a local gambling and wagering license in the country. It acquired it in 2020. This means that the bookmaker is reliable and has to meet the requirements to receive the registration.

Does the platform support cryptocurrency?

Yes, 1xBet crypto methods can be used for both deposits and withdrawals.

How do I add money to my balance?

There are many 1xBet deposit methods to move your funds. The list of them includes Skrill, other payment systems, and cryptocurrencies, among other solutions.

How to withdraw from 1xBet to Opay?

Unfortunately, 1xBet Nigeria currently doesn’t support Opay for withdrawals.

Can I make more than one account on 1xBet?

No, the rules don’t allow this.
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